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The Fox producer who filed a lawsuit a month before Tucker Carlson was fired says she celebrated


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By Melissa Koenig and Jane Smith, Senior Correspondent for Dailymail.Com

22:21 Apr 25, 2023 updated 22:51 Apr 25, 2023

  • Abby Grosberg, who was fired by Fox News shortly after she filed a lawsuit against the network, has spoken out about firing Tucker Carlson
  • She said he and the executive producer of his show, Justin Wells, were “responsible for breaking me up.”
  • Grossberg claimed in lawsuits that Carlson fostered a toxic work environment, detailing narratives of anti-Semitism and sexist statements.

FOX News’ bookings producer who filed a lawsuit last month against longtime host Tucker Carlson says she’s celebrating his sudden dismissal, noting, “He made my life living hell.”

Abby Grossberg, who was fired by FOX shortly after she filed two separate lawsuits against the network earlier this year, said in an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday that Carlson and executive producer of his show Justin Wells were “responsible for breaking me.”

Speaking about the moment she found out Carlson was suddenly fired on Monday, Grossberg said she felt a range of different emotions.

There were feelings first of “Yeah!” Hence also the fact that you don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone.

But at the same time, Tucker and his executive producer Justin Wells, who was also fired, were really responsible for breaking me and making my life a living hell. So there is a sense of fairness, but it is only partial.

Abby Grossberg, who was fired by FOX shortly after she filed two separate lawsuits against the network earlier this year, spoke about firing Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.
The longtime news host was unofficially fired Monday after 14 years at the station

Grossberg said she wanted to join Carlson’s program because it was an upgrade from her previous position to work for Maria Bartiromo, and she felt good about the staff when she interviewed.

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“I wish it was more professional and what he was shooting on air was just a show, unfortunately that was not the case,” she said on Tuesday.

Her lawsuit alleging bullying, sexism, and anti-Semitism among Carlson’s senior staff, along with his ‘disparaging’ remarks about senior News Corp. executives, is what reportedly prompted Rupert Murdoch to fire the star host, insiders said.

According to the 79-page discrimination lawsuit, Carlson fostered an environment in which “unprofessionalism prevailed, and employee distaste for and disdain for women permeated nearly every workday decision.”

She claims she was personally subjected to anti-Semitism by Alexander McCaskill, one of the senior producers, because he installed an “inconceivable Christmas” show on the reservation despite knowing she was Jewish, along with a sign reading “Hanukkah bush” which she took as a personal insult.

According to the lawsuit, McCaskill also tortured another Jewish employee for buying him lunch at a Breads Bakery, which Grossberg claims he called “the Jewish bakery.”

Grossberg also claims that while framing Carlson’s primetime show, producers including Wells — who also left Fox yesterday — chose female guests based on their looks and made inappropriate remarks about female colleagues.

Justin Wells
Alexander McCaskill
Grossberg also claims she was pressured by Fox’s attorney to lie or downplay her concerns about Dominion. Fox strongly refuted these claims

She claims their office is “stained” with “booby-trapped photos of Nancy Pelosi in a plunging bathing suit to reveal her cleavage.”

The pictures were pasted on her computer and in other places around the office. Apparently, the “joke” was that House Speaker Pelosi looked awful in a bathing suit.

In another case, Grosberg claims she was taken to Wells’ office where he asked her if Bartiromo was “Kevin McCarthy”.

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Overall, she claims that there is a “pervasive” culture of misogyny in the show, and was “ignored” when she suggested balancing segments by adding female guests.

She described a “crass and sexist debate” about whether Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was “more colorful or verbal” than her Republican challenger Theodore Dixon, and also claims that there are frequent debates where “unprofessionalism” prevails.

Grossberg also alleges that she was pressured by Fox’s attorney not to share incriminating information during her debriefing as part of the Dominion lawsuit.

Fox has vigorously refuted this specific claim.

FOX News has hired an independent, outside consultant to immediately investigate the concerns raised by Ms. Grossberg, which was conducted after a critical performance review.

A spokesperson for the network told, “Her allegations in connection with the Dominion case are without merit, and we will continue to vigorously defend Fox against its unmerited and rigged legal claims against the network and our employees.”

Carlson’s firing was directly ordered by Rupert Murdoch, according to sources reported by the Los Angeles Times yesterday, and carried out by Lachlan Murdoch.

Carlson’s firing was at the direct order of Rupert Murdoch, according to sources reported by the Los Angeles Times yesterday.

A network insider told that employees were stunned by the decision.

Tucker has yet to be given any indication as to why he was taken off the air. His producer Justin Abar has also been fired.

We think Robert wants to sell the company and it’s hard to find an institutional buyer with Tucker as the main star.

“Tucker Gold makes it more of an attractive media company to buy.”

Shares of Fox Corp., which owns the news network, fell as much as 5 percent yesterday, costing the company millions of dollars.

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