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Netflix presses delete archive 81


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Archive 81

Archive 81
Photo: Netflix

Another week, another dead show on Netflix – your one-stop shop for live TV shows you probably shouldn’t be getting is very get engaged. This time, Streaming Reaper Horror series found Archive 81any Delivery time Reports Streaming refused to pick up for the second season.

That’s impressive and a bit surprising — or it could be as big a surprise as Netflix pulling the plug on a show, these days. After all, Archive 81 Not only did he receive critical praise, but he also reported doing well for service, breaking into the company’s top ten original programming ratings.

for the unfamiliar, Archive 81 Starring Mamoudou Athie as an archivist who requests the recovery of some old videos, Dina El Shehabi is the woman who filmed it, as she tries to investigate the strangeness surrounding an apartment building. Things quickly get scary, in ways that have honored horror classics like rosemary babyAnd the the ringand more.

Rebecca Sonnenstein, creator of the series, who adapted it Archive 81 From a podcast created by Daniel Powell and Mark Solinger confirmed the news on Twitter today, reporting that they are “surprised and disappointed we won’t be doing another season,” and briefly hinted at some of the lines the show could have followed if it had picked up from the first cliffhanger season.

For what he’s worth, we liked him Archive 81, which often manages to bypass the basic loyalty base from which it is built. In her review of the first (now only) season of the show, Saloni Jajar writes,

Even as it goes through a variety of supernatural concepts, the show remains intriguing primarily because of its exploration of intergenerational trauma. The emotional family hook is the dividing line for every character, past and present. Dan, Melody, Virgil, and almost every other player’s motives come back to grieving the loss of loved ones. Archive 81 Only he managed to relate their suffering in a slow but rewarding way.

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