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The Foreign Office is checking the travel warning for South Tyrol


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After the deadly bear attack in Trentino, the German Foreign Office in Berlin is testing whether travel to South Tyrol is safe for German federal citizens.

Bolzano – Gerhard Brandstätter, the attorney at the German Honorary Consulate in Bolzano, told TV station Rai that he had received the relevant request from Berlin and then sent information about the incidents to the German Embassy in Milan. He established contacts between German authorities and state authorities in South Tyrol. In April, a female bear attacked a jogger in Trentino, a neighboring province of South Tyrol.

Bear attacks on humans are common in northern Italy © Massimo Papi

According to Brandstätter, worried vacationers asked the consulate whether it was still safe to travel to South Tyrol because of the bear problem. This is also due to false reports of 100 bears in South Tyrol, while only three were found in the German-speaking northern Italian province. Occasional bears from neighboring Trentino also wander through South Tyrol.

Travel warning for South Tyrol after deadly bear attack: “Bears pose no danger to people”

The state of South Tyrol told the South Tyrolean newspaper on Friday: “The three bears are being monitored and monitored by a forest official. These bears are not problem animals and therefore do not pose a great danger to people.” According to, the country is trying to prevent an “overreaction” from Berlin, according to responsible state councilor Arnold Schuller: “I cannot imagine that a travel warning will be issued.”

In any case, South Tyrolean tourism boss Hansi Bichler tells the portal that there is no wave of cancellations in South Tyrol because of the bears. But he warns: “Bear tourism is a problem. In the long term, large carnivores are a problem for the target, so we need to find solutions.

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