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Sharp tones between NATO and China – because of Russia


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As of: Jul 11, 2024 8:56 am

From NATO’s perspective, China is the main supporter of Russia’s war of aggression. At the summit, the alliance states will now become more clear. The tone is sharp – as is Beijing’s reaction.

NATO is celebrating its 75th birthday, although the word “celebrate” isn’t quite right. A defense alliance is more likely to prepare itself to form a new alliance. America and Europe on one side and China and Russia on the other are fighting for influence in the world.

NATO is sharpening its tone toward China and accusing the Asian power of being a key complicit in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The summit’s final declaration cited China’s support for the Russian defense sector and the so-called borderless partnership between the two countries as examples. “This increases Russia’s threat to its neighbors and to Euro-Atlantic security,” the final document of the NATO summit in Washington said.

Strategic partnership between Russia and China

China cannot implement the largest war in modern history in Europe without negatively impacting its interests and reputation, the document continues. The increasingly close strategic partnership between Russia and China and their mutually reinforcing efforts to undermine and reshape the rules-based international order are deeply troubling.

In particular, NATO has now called on China to immediately end all material and political support for Russia’s war. This includes civilian goods that can be used for military purposes, as well as raw materials used by the Russian defense sector, the text says.

“Strong Message” for People’s Republic

At last year’s summit, NATO expressed itself more cautiously. At the time, the summit declaration said, among other things: “We call on China to play a constructive role as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and condemn Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. (…)”.

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NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg spoke of the “strongest message” to date for the People’s Republic to reconsider its position. However, potential sanctions are a matter for individual Member States.

Weapons and disinformation

Along with the new report, NATO is also concerned about the continued expansion and diversification of China’s nuclear arsenal. In particular, there is talk of more warships and sophisticated supply systems. In addition, China has again been accused of trying to split NATO, for example through false propaganda.

China warns against provoking conflict

China’s reaction was not long in coming. NATO is warned against “instigating a conflict” over the People’s Republic’s relations with Russia. A spokeswoman for the China mission to the EU said NATO must stop the “threat from China” and “incitement of conflict and competition”. A security alliance should contribute more to peace and stability in the world. It is well known that China is not responsible for the Ukraine crisis.

The leadership in Beijing has yet to publicly condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine and continues to provide Moscow with civilian and military supplies. Describes China’s neutral role in Ukraine war. Since the beginning of the war, relations between China and Russia have become more intense.

Meeting with Asia-Pacific partner countries

Today NATO leaders will meet with some Asia-Pacific allies such as Australia and South Korea. Stoltenberg told a press conference ahead of the summit that the inclusion of these countries showed that “our security is not regional” but “global”. “This has been clearly demonstrated in the war in Ukraine, where Iran, North Korea and China are supporting and implementing Russia’s illegal war of aggression,” the NATO Secretary General said.

China speaks of “slander”.

China has criticized the allegations as “slander”. “NATO’s so-called security comes at the expense of other countries’ security, and its actions have brought extremely high security risks to the world and the region,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian told a news conference on Tuesday. “China strongly opposes NATO’s slander and attacks on China, its willingness to shift blame, and NATO’s use of China as an excuse to advance eastward and stoke regional tensions in the Asia-Pacific region,” the spokesperson continued.

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