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Ukraine is suddenly targeting Russia’s core again


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Russia intercepts Ukrainian drones outside Moscow Moscow is said to have planned an assassination attempt on Rheinmetall boss Babarkar. News ticker about the war in Ukraine.

Updated as of July 11, 6:05 p.m.: The United States and Germany reportedly thwarted Russian plans to assassinate Armin Papperger, the head of arms company Rheinmetall. This is reported by the American Broadcasting Corporation CNN. According to the report, the plans related to the supply of weapons to Ukraine. So when America came to know about this plan, it informed Germany. A senior German government official confirmed this to CNN. The German security services could later protect Papperger.

NATO has been warning for months about Russia’s sabotage efforts to destabilize Europe. The US military is also in Russia’s sights.

Armin Popperker, CEO of Rheinmetall AG © Sepp Spiegl/Imago

Updated as of July 11, 2:10 pm: Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umirov has emphasized that victory against Russia in the war in Ukraine is possible. “We are capable of winning,” he told a US broadcaster on the sidelines of a NATO summit in Washington. Fox-News. Defeating Vladimir Putin’s forces, however, requires more weapons. “We have a plan and we say clearly that we need more weapons. Reluctance to give us weapons, reluctance to remove sanctions and sanctions – it will take time,” Umirov said.

Russia Attacked in Ukraine War: Kiev Uses Drones Again

Updated as of July 11, 1:20 pm: Moscow, the capital of Russia, has long been the target of Ukraine’s drone strikes. Several drones were shot down near the small town of Stupino, just outside Moscow, during a series of counter-attacks between Wednesday night (July 10) and Thursday. dpa. According to Mayor Sergey Sobyan, there were no casualties, injuries or damage in the attack.

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Russia's Air Defense in the Ukraine War
Russian 9K35 Strela-10 air defense system in Ukraine war. © Russian Ministry of Defense/IMAGO

Sweden ready to supply Griffin fighter jets to Ukraine war

Updated as of July 11, 1 PM: Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom has said that Sweden is ready in principle to supply Ukraine with JAS-39-Gripen fighter jets. In an interview Voice of America Bilstrom explained that this is currently not happening because Ukraine cannot manage the simultaneous operation of F-16 fighter jets and Gripen jets. “These are complex systems and it is very difficult to implement both at the same time,” the foreign minister said.

“But that doesn’t mean Sweden isn’t ready to move forward with the Gripens once the F-16 program is complete,” continues Billstrom. It is the decision of the government in Kiev that Ukraine is currently receiving only F-16s.

Disclosure notice

The information processed here comes from international media and news agencies, as well as from the parties fighting in the war in Ukraine. Information about the war in Ukraine cannot be independently verified.

Kiev seizes cargo ship amid Ukrainian war – ship delivering supplies to occupied Crimea

Updated as of July 11, 11:16 am: Ukraine seizes foreign ship in Danube The cargo ship, named USKO MFU, was said to have brought agricultural goods to the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula. Ukrainian Pravda Citing the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office about the incident in the war in Ukraine. “During the search of the ship, the ship’s documents, AIS system, a computer and documents of the personnel administration of the sea trade port of Sevastopol were confiscated,” the statement of the prosecutor’s office said.

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Ukraine filed a complaint against the ship’s captain, who is said to be a citizen of Azerbaijan, for illegally exporting goods. There is also debate over whether the captured ship should become Ukraine’s property.

5 Killed in Ukraine War: Russia Strikes Multiple Areas

Updated as of July 11, 10:40 am: In the past 24 hours, at least five people have reportedly died in Russian attacks in the Ukraine war. The attacks reportedly took place in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kherson, Karkiv and Zaporizhzia regions. Independence of Kiev. Also, 14 people, including a child, were injured.

Updated as of July 11, 9:55 am: Russia will not participate in the next peace conference on the Ukraine war. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Kaluzin told the Russian news agency that only Ukrainian proposals will be discussed at the meeting. Rhea. Other suggestions will be ignored by participants. “For us, such ultimatums are unacceptable and we will not participate in such a summit,” Kaluzin said.

More soldiers for Ukraine war: Poland plans more support

First Report: WASHINGTON, DC – In the war in Ukraine, there are no particular soldiers in Kiev. More recently, the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky began recruiting prisoners for self-defense against Russia. ZDF Today. But now the country could get more support – from neighboring Poland.

There are said to be a million Ukrainians, thousands of whom are said to be willing to join the volunteer army. Ukrainian Pravda. “We have stipulated in our defense agreement the creation and training of a new volunteer military unit – the ‘Ukrainian Brigade’ – on Polish territory,” Zelenskiy said at a joint press conference with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Monday (July 8).

Poland insists on training requirements volunteers I am Ukraine war

“Several thousand of them have already registered for this call,” it was quoted as saying Ukrainian Pravda Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski at the NATO summit in Washington. According to him, the willingness to fight for their country is surprisingly high among Ukrainians in Poland.

Lack of military training prevents many from doing so. “But they say: We don’t want to be sent to war without proper training and weapons,” Sikorsky said.

Poland wants to train volunteers for war in Ukraine – other countries should follow suit

How much pressure there is for Ukraine is explained above all by the fact that the players still have a short time to train. For example, even a Ukrainian soldier takes five months to fully train to fire a self-propelled howitzer in Germany. SWR. However, due to time constraints, the government in Kiev only gives each player 42 days.

Poland has already announced that it will train volunteers for the Ukrainian war, which Zelenskiy announced at a press conference with Polish Prime Minister Tusk. The foreign minister has now called on other NATO countries to do the same. Sikorsky said Ukraine could also count on more support if all EU countries agreed to train Ukrainians living in their country.

Interactive cards to the place in Before

A look ahead shows areas where Russian troops have been able to advance in the Ukraine war and areas where Ukraine has been able to repel Russian attacks. Current maps of the Ukraine war frontline provide insight into the latest developments in Russia’s war against Ukraine. (Editorial with news agency content)

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