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Attack on children’s hospital in Kiev worries China too – “deeply concerned”


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In connection with the aerial attack on the children’s hospital in Kiev, the UN The Security Council meets. Apart from Russia, China also expressed its opinion.

New York – The Ukraine war Fills the world with horror reports and gruesome images. It feels like being in a never ending cycle. UN due to Russian attacks For the Security Council to convene an emergency meeting, Ukraine’s population needs more than airstrikes on civilian facilities have long been common.

A case in point is the attack on the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, with two deaths, double-digit injuries and many younger patients fearing their further treatment. At a meeting in New York China, Moscow’s most important ally and thus the Kremlin boss, expressed pressure Vladimir Putin He expressed his displeasure with the developments in the war.

Harrowing images from Ukraine: China’s UN representative Geng Shuang (R) is deeply concerned after an airstrike on a children’s clinic in Kiev. © IMAGO / ZUMA Press Wire, IMAGO / NurPhoto

Attack on children’s clinic at UN: China “deeply concerned”

Geng Shuang, deputy permanent representative of the great empire who was on the panel, spoke of “a serious humanitarian crisis with enormous consequences”. The fighting became even more intense, “which led to heavy losses.” Beijing, like Moscow, may have assumed at the start of the invasion that Kiev would fall to Putin in the first few days. Instead, for more than two years, there has been merciless fighting for every meter of land, and the missiles seem to bomb everything that comes or goes within range.

Without actually referring to Russia as an aggressor, Zheng continued: “China is deeply concerned and we reiterate to the parties to the conflict to exercise reason and restraint, comply with international law and do their utmost to avoid civilian casualties.” Three principles should be applicable: “No widening of the battlefield, no escalation of hostilities and no party fanning the flames”.

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The latter can also be understood as a sign to Western countries that they risk taking the war to an even higher level by providing additional weapons to Kiev. More recently, the willingness of the United States and Germany to use Ukraine’s weapons to attack Russian territory has prompted further threats from the Kremlin.

Harsh accusations from the US on Russia: “Ukrainian youth robbed of their future and identity”

Linda Thomas-Greenfield is the Permanent Representative of the United States AndAs expected, the Security Council came clean, calling the attack on the children’s hospital “a brutal attack” but “not an isolated incident”. Russia has already targeted medical facilities several times.

“It is true that hundreds of children are being killed, thousands are injured and millions are being displaced across the country as Russia continues its campaign of terror in Ukraine,” he added: “Then there are the children who are being deported. Russia is forcibly relocating Ukrainian youth to rob them not only of their future, but of their identity.

At the same time, the American emphasized that Russia is not only a permanent member of the UN Security Council, but also currently holds the post of President. So Russia’s U.N. As ambassador and permanent representative, Vasily Nebenzia was put on the defensive and basically sat in the dock.

Destruction inside a building
A look inside the destroyed interior: The Ochmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv gained fame during the Ukrainian War. © IMAGO / Andreas Stroh

Russia has its own theory for the impact on the children’s hospital: “to divert attention from corruption in the Kiev government”

“The topic of the alleged Russian attack on a children’s hospital,” the reason for the meeting, he admitted, was “not a very pleasant topic.” However, he said photos and videos showed that it was an air defense missile from Ukraine that hit the building.

Nebenzja went on the offensive: “Here you can enjoy the magic of the verbal gymnastics of the Western members of the Security Council, who are trying by all means to protect the Kiev regime.” Seeing with the naked eye, he continued.

In addition, Nebenzja also provided an explanation for his theory. According to him, the focus should be on shelling to “distract people from the government’s day-to-day lawlessness and corruption”.

Where the children’s hospital rocket came from: Russia and UN human rights office at odds with each other

Many civilian casualties in the war under the President’s administration Volodymyr Selenskyj Blaming the Russians has long been part of Russian tactics in the war. However, the UN Human Rights Office, UNHCHR, came to an initial assessment that a Russian Kh-101 missile was responsible for the impact on the children’s hospital.

Yet it is questionable whether Moscow will face real consequences if guilt can be clearly proven. Russia has veto power in the Security Council, allowing it to protect itself from action by the more powerful UN body. It also now seems utopian that Russian leaders from Putin’s circle will ever end up before a military tribunal.

Vasiliy Nebenzia sits on the UN Security Council
Know No Crime: UN Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, blames Ukraine for the destruction of the children’s hospital. © IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency

Doctor describes impact at children’s hospital: “Children and adults screamed and cried”

Volodymyr Shovnir attended the UN meeting. A cardiac surgeon and anesthesiologist at Children’s Hospital gave insight into the moments of impact: “At 10:42 a.m. we felt a huge explosion. The floor shook, the walls shook, children to adults screamed in fear and pain… it was like hell.

According to him, the attack on the children’s hospital, where women and children in critical condition are being treated, “is not only a war crime but beyond any bounds of humanity.” This is an attack on a very bad institution, as civilians have not lived in safety in Ukraine since the start of the war. Neither day nor night.

Ukraine and the effects of the war: About 40 percent of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance

This was underlined by the figures brought to the table by Joyce Msuya, the UN’s emergency aid coordinator. “The attacks have intensified since the spring,” stressed the microbiologist from Tanzania.

From the beginning of the Russian invasion until June 30, 2024, UNHCHR calculated that 11,284 people died and 22,594 civilians were injured as a result of the conflict, which focused on human rights. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed 1,878 attacks involving health facilities, staff, transport, supplies and patients.

According to Msuya, 14.6 million people – 40 percent of the Ukrainian population – are in need of humanitarian assistance so far. He expressed concern about possible access to the 1.5 million people in the regions of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhia, occupied by Russia and annexed in violation of international law.

See Children's Hospital Room
The facade is torn off, water is seeping from the walls: this is what the Ochmadyd Children’s Hospital in Kiev looks like after the impact. © IMAGO / Ukrinform

Ukraine war after attack on children’s clinic: “No signs of easing of hostilities”

For everyone else on the front line, it’s about health, medicine, food and clean drinking water. And he called for financial support: “We urgently need donors to accelerate funding for humanitarian aid to maintain operations in an increasingly complex and dangerous environment.”

Msuya looks further ahead: “As another winter approaches, there are no signs of the wars easing or their impact on civilians and civilian infrastructure.” A large number of airstrikes on Ukraine. It is a sad and deadly certainty. (mg)

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