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10:24 am: Slight relaxation in case of material shortage in the industry

The corona epidemic has led to barriers to raw materials in many economic sectors. However, the situation eased slightly in January, according to a survey released by the Munich Ifo Institute on Monday. About 67.3 percent of companies in the manufacturing sector reported problems with purchasing raw materials and intermediate products in January. In December, it was still 81.9 percent. The electronics industry continued to face difficulties.

“Despite this growth, companies still have many concerns,” said Klaus Wolrop, head of Ifo Studies. At least companies now have the opportunity to increase high order backlog work and productivity. However, it is not yet clear whether this is a trend change.

Among electronics manufacturers, the number of companies affected by the supply shortfall fell from 93.8 percent in December to 89.6 percent in January. In the field of mechanical engineering, 80.6 per cent of companies are still struggling with delivery delays in January, after 91 per cent in December. For automakers, it was 77.9 percent in January, down from 92.9 percent in December.

The situation of textile manufacturers has deteriorated significantly. The number of affected companies dropped from 87 to 44.6 percent.

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