After unveiling the new Galaxy Note 8 last month at a launch event, Samsung is now gearing up to release a foldable and flexible phone next year as reported by the Associated Press. The phone will pack a bendable display and is expected to be released under the company’s most successful Galaxy Note line. Dongjin Koh, the president of mobile business at Samsung informed reporters that there are many challenges to face in bringing out the extraordinary foldable smartphones and the launch date can be pushed further if the issues are not solved.

This indicates that the company is still working on the new technology and trying to make the bendable phone as perfect as possible before it gets revealed. As of now, its infinity display (which uses flexible OLED panels to bend around the edge of a smartphone) has become a very popular technology, and also its flagship smartphones are selling like hot cakes.

Koh said that unless and until they completely overcome all the potential issues, they are not going to release the phone. They want to hear that Samsung has made a good and quality product and they are planning to introduce a foldable display in their road map.
Although for many years, there were many rumors and leaked information about the foldable display phones of Samsung, it is for the first time that Samsung has officially spoken about the plans to introduce a new foldable display phone in its flagship Galaxy note line in the upcoming year or so.

Adding to that Samsung has produced many dual-screen smartphones in recent years, in which two OLED displays are connected through a hinge, indicating its capability to build a foldable smartphone.

Samsung revealed a bendable AMOLED display prototype in 2012 and named it Youm, and recently, last year it applied for a patent to have a foldable phone which bends like a flip-phone handset. Also in 2016 Lenovo revealed a prototype bendable phone that becomes easily folded around the wrist of the user. As major smartphone companies are competing with each to provide latest flagship technologies to their users, we can expect that Samsung might come up with the revolutionary bendable display phone next year.