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Russia may be testing new tactics in missile strikes


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According to a report, one of the July 8 Russian missile strikes may have been involved New tactics are used to maximize the damage caused by such series of attacks.

Former Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Col. Yuriy Ihnat said Russian cruise missiles and rockets after the July 8 attacks. flew at “very low” altitude, writes the Institute for War Studies. As a result, in some cases Ukrainian air defense forces had to try to intercept cruise missiles, It flew only 50 meters above the ground.

Ukrainian air defense has historically had high kill rates for certain types of cruise missiles, particularly the older Kh-101 variants. Ihnat’s observation that Russian forces are flying cruise missiles at such low altitudes suggests that the Russian military may be changing its tactics. Damage to infrastructure can be increased by air defenses Practically no time is given to respond.

Ihnad also said that the Russian armed forces Electromagnetic signatures of drones Try to minimize drones as much as possible to make it difficult for air defenses to detect them. (Lam)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the reconstruction of a children’s hospital in Kiev badly damaged by a Russian missile attack.

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100 million hryvnias (equivalent to 2.3 million euros) have already been allocated to support the hospital.Another 300 million hryvnia will follow, Zelensky said in his evening video message – this time from Washington, where the Ukrainian head of state will attend the NATO summit.

Zelensky thanked all private donors who supported the clinic and promised to help all families whose relatives were killed or injured in the attack.

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