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Hot words for Putin: Modi: “Every Indian considers Russia a friend”


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Hot words for Putin
Modi: “Every Indian considers Russia a friend”

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India has traditionally had good relations with Russia. Indian PM Modi visits Moscow for the first time since the attack on Ukraine. The Kremlin leader was praised for his meeting with Putin.

Praising his country’s relationship with Russia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow. Modi said the bilateral relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. At the same time, he emphasized Putin’s leadership qualities. “Every Indian considers Russia as India’s friend in good times and bad.”

At the same time, Modi also called for dialogue to establish peace. As a “friend”, he also told Putin that “peace is very important for the better future of our next generation,” Modi said in his speech, sitting by Putin’s side in Hindi.

“War cannot solve problems,” said the Indian Prime Minister. “We must find a path to peace through dialogue.” And he said: When innocent children are killed, when you see them die, the heart aches, this pain is unbearable. A rocket attack was carried out on a children’s hospital in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine was also a topic of conversation

He and Putin discussed the Russian offensive in Ukraine. As usual with “true friends”, they sat together and “talked about various topics”, the Indian Prime Minister said. He said he was glad that both of us were able to present our views on Ukraine openly and comprehensively.

Modi arrived in Moscow on Monday on a visit. It was his first visit to Russia since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. A few hours ago, Moscow again launched massive rocket attacks on its neighbor. More than thirty people were killed across the country. These attacks were condemned internationally.

New Delhi has historically cultivated cordial relations with Moscow. Russia has been the largest arms supplier to India and also provides the country with cheap oil. However, the subcontinent also maintains cordial relations with Western countries that want to cooperate with India in the face of an increasingly aggressive People’s Republic of China. At the same time, the West demands that India stay away from Russia. On the other hand, Russia’s closeness with China is a thorn in India’s side.

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