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Biden withdraw? Democrats address the president after a crisis meeting


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Joe Biden’s support is declining. Senior party officials are adamant that he should drop out of the race for the White House.

Updated as of July 10, 8:20 am: Democratic Representative Mickey Sherrill has called on US President Joe Biden to drop out of the November presidential election. In a statement on the texting service X (formerly Twitter), he insisted that Biden had served America “with honor” for more than half a century. However, he asked me to announce that he will not seek re-election because I know that President Biden cares deeply about the future of our country. Sherrill said Biden should lead the Democratic Party in choosing a new nominee.

Democrats caucus on potential Biden recall: “Whole future at stake”

Updated as of July 10, 5:55 am: Democratic lawmakers continued to express doubts about the president after a private meeting at the U.S. Capitol in November to discuss the future of Joe Biden’s presidential bid. Recently, Democratic Senator Michael Bennett spoke. He also attended the Democratic Convention. He reportedly said he didn’t think Biden could be re-elected. He confirmed this personally in an interview with the American broadcaster CNN.

“If you’re worried about the future of this country, I think this race is on a very complicated path,” he said. His fear: Former president and Republican nominee Donald Trump is clearly on track to win the election. He also fears that Democrats will lose their majorities in both houses of Congress. According to him, it is an “American tragedy”. “The entire future of our country is at stake,” said Senator Bennett.

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Meeting on Biden’s Candidacy: Is the President Too Old to Run?

Updated as of July 9, 7:16 pm: After a meeting of the Democratic Party’s representatives in the US Congress on the political future of US President Joe Biden, several members of parliament expressed their disappointment. MP Sean Gaston spoke of “huge regret” at the party’s confusion over whether to continue supporting the 81-year-old in the election campaign. Asked if Democrats would read from the same page, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee said no. “We’re not even reading from the same book,” he said, according to media reports.

Although none of the other members of Congress openly opposed Biden after the crucial meeting, enthusiasm was low. Ro Khanna, a left-leaning Democrat from California, complained that Biden did not listen to young people in the party and relied on his family and advisers to decide whether he should stay in the race. But Khanna also urged Democrats to unite behind a candidate “no matter who.” However, Biden confidant Jim Clyburn spoke of a “very positive” atmosphere at the meeting. Some MPs did not want to comment on the issue to reporters.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (R), US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden look at Denim Coffee after a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. © Manuel Balce Ceneta/dpa

Crisis meeting on Biden: How do Democrats decide?

First Report: WASHINGTON, DC — The final judgment is slowly but surely approaching for Joe Biden. According to US media reports, a large number of Democrats will gather behind closed doors on Tuesday morning (local time) to decide on Biden’s future. The President himself will not be present; Ultimately, Biden will have to take care of his guests at the NATO summit in the capital.

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Will Kamala Harris eventually replace Joe Biden in the US election?

In recent days, 81-year-old Hakeem Jeffries has managed to garner valuable support for his presidential candidacy. The New Yorker serves as minority leader in the House of Representatives and made it clear on Monday (July 8): “I support Joe Biden and the Democrats.” Jeffries told reporters at the U.S. Capitol that despite a weak televised fight against Donald Trump, his position “hasn’t changed.”

He had earlier scheduled a public meeting for the debate while Biden was on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania. US media later reported, citing people familiar with the situation, that many high-ranking party officials were convinced that Biden should drop out of the race for the White House. In the nearly two-hour broadcast, there was general agreement that Vice President Kamala Harris should be nominated, American Broadcasting said. CNN with a source engaged in conversation. Jeffries, on the other hand — at least publicly — supported the president.

It seems certain at this point that there is a “silent majority” that wants to make Biden the nominee. It was also revealed over the weekend The New York TimesHe spoke to at least 50 Democrats as a result of the televised debate. Consensus: Biden has become “unacceptable” in the race for the 2024 US election. Even with an extensive television interview, the president couldn’t get the points across.

US Election 2024: Democrats look for stronger options than Joe Biden

However, not everyone is calm. Some politicians in the Democratic Party are calling the baby by its name — clearly. California House Representative Scott Peters said, “I have little confidence in this campaign’s ability to do well in this election. times. “If we know we’re going to lose, we’d be fools not to look for another way,” Peters continued. Representative Angie Craig of Minnesota insisted in a newspaper interview that Joe Biden “can’t win against Donald Trump.”

Publicly, Craig and Peters join MPs Mike Quigley (Illinois), Raul Grijalva (Arizona), Lloyd Doggett (Texas) and Seth Moulton (Massachusetts). “He’s done,” said the unnamed MP Axios. Julián Castro, a former construction secretary under Barack Obama, said he had stronger options than Biden, “including Vice President Harris.”

Kamala Harris has been expressing her loyalty to her president so far. Joe shouted out Biden at the Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans on Saturday. Associated Press “Rarely” though. But the vice president made an “impassioned plea” to Democrats The Daily Beast reported.

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Trouble at White House: Reports of doctor’s visit spark heated debate about Biden

If the majority of Democrats are convinced that Biden should step down, the party should quickly agree on a new presidential candidate for the US election. Nevertheless, Joe Biden has to resign early of his own free will.

The reaction of Biden’s spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre at the White House press conference also shows how much pressure is on Democrats right now. Then there was a heated argument between him and the journalists there.

Jean-Pierre declined to say why neurologist Kevin Canard has been visiting the White House regularly in recent months. The The New York Times Citing official visitor records, Connaught wrote that he had visited the government headquarters eight times since last summer. The spokesperson responded to several questions from journalists, saying, “It doesn’t matter how hard you push me, it doesn’t matter how angry you are at me. We can’t name experts, from dermatologists to neurologists.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s personal doctor, Kevin O’Connor, joined the debate and confirmed Connaught’s name. Conard was not chosen because he was an expert in movement disorders, but because he was “a highly qualified and highly respected neurologist”. His “extremely broad expertise” gives him the flexibility to evaluate a variety of patients and problems, O’Connor wrote in a letter published by Washington. (Son/DPA)

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