Rajat Grover, a well-known IT expert and Entrepreneur, is more famous for him being in the Top 10 Indian Ethical Hacker List. When we hear the term Hacker, we immediately turn to the negative aspects of it. This has been well-defined by Rajat Grover himself in his book, surprisingly named as “Facebook Hacking – Even You Can Hack!” in which he talked on the negativities that surround hacking, which is elevated by media’s portrayal of the subject, as someone who breaks into computers and steals personal data. He took a stand against this and defined it as, “Hacking means building things quickly or testing its boundaries in order to know the things that could be done with it.”

Further reiterating on this, he broke down hackers into two types, the good and the bad. The good being the ones who break rules to innovate and bring positive changes by making platforms safer and the latter being the ones who steal data for earning profits through blackmailing

In his book, he gives a step-by-step tutorial on what Facebook hacking is and how it can be done effectively. His book provides detailed information on how anyone can use the methods and software’s defined within the book to successfully hack Facebook accounts.

Ethical Hackers are basically termed as White Hat Hackers or Penetration Testers, that evaluate vulnerability of systems, which can be exploited by malicious hackers.

His journey into the Cyber World started at an early age when he was just 9 years old. He initially started creating websites and computer games. At first, Rajat used to only play with website’s security, later on, he established his skills by patching up vulnerabilities in websites and servers to make these better.

Many websites owe their being safe to him and nowadays he looks to gather information on vulnerabilities against different platforms and passes this information further to state level Cyber Security Organizations.

Rajat, Indian Ethical Hacker is also running his own company by the name of “Ficklem Networks Pvt. Ltd. The company provides a number of cyber services like Web Development, Software Development, Penetration Testing etc. along with working on Cyber Security projects as well. He also maintains a website on his name, where he provides course and videos on Digital Success.