Putin uses tactics in Russian elections

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Tricks and Manipulation in Russian Elections: Putin Opponents Call for Protests Against This However, potential participants are now receiving threatening messages.

MOSCOW – Russian elections are considered completely undemocratic and serve the purpose Ukraine war Only to keep the Kremlin leader in power Vladimir Putin. Members of the Russian opposition are therefore calling on people to take part in the protest: they must show up at their polling stations on Sunday (March 17) at exactly 12:00. Long queues are believed to reflect discontent in the country.

Those in power in the Kremlin want to block the move – and, according to media reports, have now sent warning messages to key figures. Among others, the independent Russian portal Medusa On Saturday (March 16) it published screenshots of messages sent to readers from Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with Rosiya Sekotnia, Director General of the International Media Group. © Gavriil Grigorov/dpa

Threats to Putin's opponents are spreading ahead of Russia's election

It says: “Even if you support the views of extremist organizations, we are happy that you are voting in Moscow.” This is followed by a call to participate in the elections “peacefully” – “without queues and provocations”. . The message was strong Medusa Signal is sent on both Messenger Service and Telegram.

It is still unknown who is behind the messages and how the recipients were selected. There is noise Medusa However, there are indications that the Russians who previously signed the nomination of Boris Nadeshtin, who fought against Putin as a presidential candidate, were the addressees. Nadezhdin, a Kremlin critic and war opponent, was barred from running in Russia's elections.

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Putin wants to prevent protests against Russian elections

The Kremlin wants to use other means to prevent a protest action planned for Sunday lunchtime: more and more messages appear on social platforms about the alleged postponement of an “anti-Putin lunch” action in Russia. In Germany, supporters of late Kremlin dissident Alexei Navalny have also called for protests.

Voting starts already on Friday Struggles can be observed in Russia with eleven time zones. In some polling booths men and women poured paint on the ballot boxes or lit them on fire. Several arrests were made.

News about Russian President Vladimir Putin is shown on a smartphone in Moscow.
News about Russian President Vladimir Putin is shown on a smartphone in Moscow. © Anton Belitsky/Imago

Tricks and Contradictions in Elections in Russia

In Russia's opening elections, many anomalies have emerged, be it magic ink, glass urns or rejected ballots. “The Russian presidential election has nothing to do with fair and free elections according to OSCE standards,” the Bundestag said. Member Robin Wegener (Greens) is also a member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Merkur.de Van IPPEN.MEDIA. (smu/dpa)

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