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“Putin’s voice” booms on Russian state television – “Goodbye, London!”


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Russian TV personality Vladimir Solovyov warns the West. (archive photo) © Komsomolskaya Pravda/imago

“Hello and goodbye London!”: Putin confidant Solovyov sounds on Russian state television that Britain could be hit by hypersonic missiles.

MOSCOW — Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov has been blamed for his outrageous antics from the start. Ukraine war are well known in the West. He continues to send clear warnings to Europe and America Disbelief in the studio. Now he has threatened to completely destroy the British capital, London.

In a video released by journalist and Russia expert Julia Davis, Putin’s confidant and guests on his talk show talk about nuclear hypersonic missiles. Russia It is said to have stopped in neighboring Belarus. Davis, founder of the blog Russian Media MonitorThe clip was uploaded to Twitter by the texting service on Saturday (November 5) and has been viewed by more than 200,000 people to date.

Russia Deploys Hypersonic Missiles to Ukraine War

“Everybody there is now mad because they can reach London in nine minutes from Belarus,” Solovyov says in the clip, referring to Belarus’s dreaded Kinzel missiles, which the West has dubbed Killjoys. The British Ministry of Defense announced in early November that the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin Two MiG-31 interceptors and a large container protected by an earth wall were stationed at a Belarusian airfield. The ministry released the satellite image.

Positioning in the middle Ukraine-conflict This is according to the assessment regarding “Spoysport” rockets NATO Cannot be intercepted by conventional air or missile defenses. This situation makes Solovyov happy. “The Killjoy missile, also known as Kinshah, has a range of over 2,000 kilometers and can reach speeds of up to 12 times the speed of sound,” explains the TV man known as “Putin’s Voice”. Nine minutes in it was: “‘Hello London!’ or ‘Hello and Goodbye London!’

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“Putin’s voice” on Russia’s state television is Solovyov and his shenanigans

The guest of the TV program says that Russia is not the only weapon of destruction that it has in its arsenal. Duma deputy Andrey Kartabulov explains: “It’s not just kinsha, we also have onyx, we have zircons.” These are missile systems mainly used in naval warfare. “We don’t have to transport them to Belarus. They are all in continuous use with the Baltic Fleet in the Kaliningrad region.” In an emergency, these missiles will reach an enemy target in the west even faster, Kartabulov said.

Only recently did Solovyov become obsessed with someone “The Great European War”, Russia must lead in the future. “If they burn most of their weapons in Ukraine, if a significant part of their military capability (…) is destroyed in Ukraine, why should we stop?” Putin is confident, referring to European countries that are supplying weapons. Invaded country. (DVD)

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