Pokemon Go players share the most “annoying” Pokemon they can catch

Scott Baird

Pokemon Go players are sharing which Pokemon they find most annoying to catch, usually due to inconsistent hit boxes and timing issues.

In the old days, the Pokemon series never tested players’ ability to throw a Poke Ball. All I did was press a button and hope for the best, and no, holding down +B or above +A didn’t count, because those were fake cures for the games.

Pokemon Go changed everything, as the game tracks your finger movements as you throw a Poke Ball. This means that players can improve their chances of making a catch by performing a throw at the correct time and by giving it a good spin.

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The developers of Pokemon Go have added some additional challenges to the Poke Ball process, as Pokemon can move, making it more difficult to target. Some Pokémon will also attack, knocking the ball away if the throw occurs while they are in the middle of the animation.


Pokemon Go players hate catching Pokemon with unwanted hitboxes

User on Pokemon go reddit He created a thread asking other players what they thought was the most annoying Pokemon to catch, with Zubat being their example, due to its movement speed. Other players quickly responded with their own annoying Pokemon Go playlist.

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Hitmontop. “Invasive species, ridiculously hard to catch,” one user said of the Fighting-type Pokémon that took heavy damage, while another said: “Swinub for me. It’s always so far that I miss 3 balls before I hit it.

“Realistically? Zubat + Yanma, especially Yanma personally?” Another user said: “Wurmple. I know it sounds stupid, but the amount of grumbling I get from Ultra + Razz (low CP sounds too) is amazing.”

The main problems with annoying Pokemon are a combination of fast and unpredictable movement speed, a hitbox that doesn’t match the Pokemon’s character model, and their distance from the player. Combined, these factors can make it difficult to place a Poke Ball on a Pokémon.

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Fortunately, players tend to have plenty of opportunities to catch wild Pokémon, as they constantly spawn in the overworld. These issues are most apparent when valuable Shiny Pokemon spawn, as missing a throw becomes incredibly annoying, especially if they escape before you catch them.

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