India-Pakistan relationship is going through the worst phases.Relationship between these two countries even after 72 years of Independence are in the same condition. Both countries are fighting for the Kashmir issue. The tensions between India and Pakistan have returned to a regressive state since August 2019,Indian Government scrapped Article 370 in August, after that incident Jammu & Kashmir divided into two regions. Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir became two Union Territories directly controlled by the union government of India. Pakistan was not happy with this decision. Prime Minister Imran Khan raised this issue last year in the United Nations but most of the powerful nations including France, USA and Russia refused to interfere and said “Kashmir is an internal matter of India. So,Pakistan Launched Operation Transparent Tribe again after 4 years to target military personnels.

What is Operation Transparent Tribe : Brief History

Operation Transparent Tribe was first launched in 2015, a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi Afghanistan visit, an Email Account of then Ambassador Amar Sinha was hacked. According to Amar Sinha he received  a malicious email and just downloaded some MS files from the attachment of that Email. Indian Government allocated 70 crore to Indian Computer Emergency Response team in 2016-17 and again allocated 120 crore in the next fiscal year to fight these cyber attacks.

Why Operation Transparent Tribe is Back again after 4 years?

Data is the most important thing in 2020. Indian government is focusing on Digital India but there are always some loopholes in cybersecurity.

Operation Transparent Tribe in 2020 attacking Defense Services Officers Provident Fund.This Indian Organisation is responsible for the welfare of Indian military personnels. After several years of inactivity Operation Transparent Tribe is hitting very specific targets. The Pattern of the attack is the same. Defense Personnels have received malicious Emails, this is self extracting macro and consists of two files, One is “SilentCMD” and another is “Realtime.cs”.The main malware is used in this attack is Modular Rat which is written in .NET and has 29 January as it’s creation date.  This is an alarming situation for Indian Government.

Conclusion :

So after fighting four major wars & trade wars India Pakistan is now fighting Cyber War. India-Pakistan can never be friends because India will never compromise with the Kashmir issue and Pakistan also wants the same. Even the United Nations is helpless in this situation because there is a clause in United Nations Security Council Resolution 47, that both the countries need to remove their forces for referendum in Kashmir. Neither India nor Pakistan is going to withdraw the deployment of forces in Valley.Highly secured intelligence data is also at risk due to this attack. Will the International community intervene in this matter? Will India retaliate after Operation Transparent Tribe?

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