Nintendo is looking to update the packaging for Smash Bros. Ultimate. amiibo

Photo: Nintendo Live

Nintendo’s amiibo line may not be quite as crowded as it once was, but there are still new figurines arriving on a regular basis.

With this in mind, there are reports of updated packs for the Super Smash Bros. series. Ultimate amiibo from Nintendo. A recent post from a member of the Famiboards forum shared some photos of the new look.

It’s gotten a lot of attention online because there’s supposedly “no mention” of Switch or other compatible platforms on the back of the box:

Famiboards User Ajimi: I work in retail in France, and today we received our ‘new’ Smash amiibos (Link, Luigi and DK so far). They are the same as before, but the back of the box is different, much more neutral (no pictures) and no mention for a specific game or console).

as pointed out amiibo alerts In the social media post above, the new box on the left now only indicates how to use the amiibo with “compatible software”, while the old box already showed all compatible platforms as well as some information about the game.

There has already been some speculation that Nintendo might be doing “future proofing” of its amiibo line. There could also be many other reasons behind a possible update, and it’s worth noting that Nintendo no longer sells or truly supports the 3DS and Wii U – so that should be taken into consideration as well.

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This same design has been spotted in other regions as previously highlighted by amiibo news On social media:

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