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Switch 2 leaks claim that the console works “like PS5,” that FF7R will be the launch title, and more


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published: 2023-09-02T18:34:04

updated: 2023-09-02T18:34:15

Leaks relating to both Sega and Square Enix have revealed that the developers are already working with Switch 2 development groups. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is said to work great on the console and is likely to be a launch title.

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is getting old. Since its initial release in 2017, there has been no update on devices. And unlike the PS4 pro and Xbox One X, the Switch didn’t have any kind of hardware update to give it some help running modern games.

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So, those who love Nintendo games have been eagerly awaiting a way to bring their favorite games into the modern age with a precision and graphical fidelity that doesn’t feel like a step backwards from their contemporaries. And while the Switch 2 has been rumored for a while, information has been scarce. Until now, that is.

According to a new leak related to Sega and Square Enix, Switch 2 is on its way and the developers have been working on development kits for these consoles for some time. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is said to run well on console and has a good chance of being a launch title.

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Switch 2 leaks claim that the developers are working with the console

The biggest news from these leaks is that the developers are running their games on the Switch 2 development kit, and it’s in the works Good.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake didn’t take much effort to navigate according to a leaker claims regarding what the developers say, and that it didn’t take much time at all to finish the game.

Considering how difficult it is to run modern AAA games on the Switch, the contents of this infusion I point out that Switch 2 represents a huge technological leap.

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“FF7R looks and works like a PS5 game on my Switch 2 devkit. The port didn’t take any time I was told. It could be a launch game, I’m not sure,” claims the leaker.

Square Enix

The first Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a huge success for Sqaure Enix.

The leaker also had some similar claims coming from Sega, as development kits have reportedly been around for a while and are available for developers to work on. The most important piece of information to wean away here is that it’s compatible with some Switch games so far, and that the console is likely working toward full backwards compatibility.

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“The Switch 2 dev kit has been here for a while now, and I can verify that it’s compatible with some of the games I’ve tested. New cartridge. New camera feature.”

The idea of ​​a new cartridge has fans wondering whether or not the physical versions of their Switch games will be backwards compatible, but some commenters are original reset function They indicated that the 3DS had a similar problem and a solution.

“It could be like changing DS > 3DS where they just add substance to it so that 3DS games can’t be included on the DS.” said one commenter.

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In addition, the packaging on the amiibo has been changed raised speculation They may be preparing for the launch of Switch 2. Compatible devices are no longer included as part of the new packaging, which leads some to believe that Nintendo is now working on “future proof” amiibo.

It’s not yet clear what will change in Switch 2, but if the developers have been working with dev groups for a while now, we’ll likely hear more news about the upcoming console soon.

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