Google never stops enhancing its products. Here is a list of some recent upgrades that makes sending oneself reminders, listening to audiobooks, and watching movies or TV more enjoyable.

The capability to connect with Bluetooth speakers is not the only new feature recently added to Home by Google. The Assistant in the smart speaker of Google now can handle location-based reminders. People can ask Home to remind them, and the Assistant in their phone would deliver the message when they are at the location where they want to hear it. Location-based reminders are great for people who tend to forget to do something in the right place at the right time.

Adding the location-based reminders to Home is a step in the direction of removing one of the Assistant’s most annoying faults. The Assistant could be found on many devices but it does not function the same way throughout all of them. For an instance, the Assistant in the smartphones has supported location-based reminders for some time but till now the Assistant in Home did not. People pulling their phone out to talk to the Assistant with Home sitting right in front of them is not only ridiculous but it confuses the two Assistants as they both wake up to “Hey Google”. People do not have this issue anymore for the location-based reminders.

Google added audiobooks to the Google Play in the month of January. As of now, they have updated their audiobook service with many new features.

The Smart Resume rewinds a book automatically to the starting of a previous word or sentence. It is designed to make it easier to pick a book back up post to an unexpected interruption brought about a pause at an inopportune time. Google describes the rewind as “intelligent”. Hopefully, that means a rewind would not occur when the reading is stopped at an obvious breaking point.

Now the Google Play Books app has a Bookmark function that allows the users to save locations that they may want to return back to later. They just need to tap the icon to return to the bookmark.

Audiobooks now could be included in the Routines that function with Google’s Assistant. This could be very useful if, for an instance, the user would rather listen to a book than music or a podcast during his daily commute. It would not be so useful if Google’s audiobooks do not sync across the devices. The reading-rate control has been increased. Books now could be heard from 0.5 to 3.0 times the normal reading rate.

Audiobooks usually fail or succeed on the basis of how well the readers capture the written word and communicate it to the listener. Google could assist with that. Now its Home devices have the ability to control Bluetooth speakers. If one uses Home to control his audiobook, the reader would sound better, and he might find the book more engaging.

One single Home device could control Bluetooth speakers across the house, so whatever the user is listening to could stay with him wherever he goes. However, the communication in between Home and the speaker is one way. The user cannot issue commands to Home via the speaker, so if he has to pause the audio when he is in a room where Home cannot hear him, he is out of luck.