NATO warplanes intercept Russian plane over Baltic Sea

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In 24 hours, immediate departure alarms were triggered twice for NATO warplanes in Baltic Sea airspace. Insiders say Russian planes have been intercepted.

Malborsk/Uedem – According to experts, a decisive stage has been reached in the war in Ukraine. Kiev needs additional support from the West to stem Russia's advance. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin's air force has been carrying out almost non-stop attacks on the neighboring country. At this stage another incident may have happened.

According to internal reports from Italian defense sources, NATO warplanes intercepted Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea.

NATO warplanes in Baltic Sea: Russian jets intercepted

According to the Italian report Republic The imminent take-off alarm of a Eurofighter jet of the Air Force's 4th Wing sounded twice in just 24 hours. These are stationed at the Polish base in Malborg. An unidentified flying object was intercepted on both March 28 and March 29. According to the report, both flying objects were over international waters in the Baltic Sea. The NATO Air Operations Command and Control Center, based in Uedem, Germany, later raised the alarm.

As a result, two Eurofighters were dispatched from the Italian Air Force. They intercepted and identified the flying objects and then returned to their base.

According to two insiders at the Italian Defense Ministry, the flying objects were two Russian planes over the Baltic Sea. This was reported by the news agency Reuters. Officially, the Air Force continues to talk about the unidentified aircraft. Accordingly, both Russian aircraft were detected by radar and did not respond to radio communications.

Russian jets on radar over Baltic Sea: They don't respond to radio requests – NATO fighters take off

The Air Task Force “4th Wing” employs four Eurofighter jets (F-2000) from four different Air Defense Forces of the Italian Air Force. Thanks to these planes it's loud Republic It can ensure the launch and interception of suspect radar tracks within minutes 24 hours a day.

Two Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets taxi on the tarmac at Wittmundhafen air base.  (archive image)
Two Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets taxi on the tarmac at Wittmundhafen air base. (archive image) © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa

The Polish military also announced via Twitter that fighter jets had taken off on Good Friday night. A warning has been given that the sound level will increase in the south-eastern part of the country. The background, it said, was that “intense long-range aviation activities of the Russian Federation were observed in connection with missile attacks on objects on the territory of Ukraine.” (wrist)

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