Iran threatens to retaliate against Israel

An Iranian general was killed. Tehran threatens to retaliate. More information on the news blog.

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After Embassy Attack: Iran Threatens Israel to Retaliate

7:49 PM: According to the Foreign Ministry, Iran reserves the right to retaliate against an attack on its embassy in Syria. An Iranian Revolutionary Guard general was killed in an attack in Damascus. According to state media, the Foreign Ministry in Tehran says it reserves the right to take reciprocal measures. A decision will be made regarding the response and punishment of the aggressors.

It was initially unclear whether Israel was responsible for the attack. The Israeli military has so far declined to comment.

White House: Video link with Israel on Rafa

7:29 PM: Representatives of the US government and representatives of the Israeli leadership wanted to discuss Israel's planned ground offensive in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah by video link this Monday. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in Washington, confirming media reports. The transition will be led by US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan. The meeting was arranged last Friday and the aim was to quickly schedule a dialogue based on urgency. Jean-Pierre initially left open whether another meeting would take place in person.

Office: Netanyahu feels very good after surgery

Revolutionary Army commander killed in Damascus

6:02 pm: A general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has been killed in an explosion in Syria's capital Damascus. Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Sahedi, “one of the leading commanders of the Quds Force,” was martyred in an “attack by Zionist regime fighters” on Iran's embassy in Damascus, Iranian state television reported on Monday. Al-Quds Brigades are responsible for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' foreign operations.

The German Press Agency said the Israeli military would not comment on foreign media reports.

Eight people were killed in an Israeli airstrike near the Iranian embassy in Damascus

4:51 pm: Eight people were killed in an explosion next to the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital, Damascus, according to activists. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported this on Monday. Initially six deaths were reported. The cause of the explosion was initially unclear, whether the affected building belonged to the embassy complex. Syrian and Iranian media talk about Israeli military airstrikes.

According to Iranian state radio, there were no staff members in the embassy building due to a religious holiday. Iran's ambassador Hossein Akbari and his family were unharmed, Iranian media reported.

On Friday, more than 50 people were killed in heavy airstrikes in northwestern Syria's Aleppo province. According to Human Rights Watch, most of the victims were Syrian army soldiers. Among the dead were Shiite Hezbollah fighters. However, large numbers of casualties resulting from suspected Israeli airstrikes are rare.

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