After two months of beta testing, Mozilla finally launches its latest Firefox Quantum browser. The company claims that its newest browser (Firefox 57) is twice as fast compared to any current-gen Firefox browsers, and at the same time consumes 30 percent less resources.

Developers at Mozilla have built an all-new engine for Firefox Quantum, to offer a seamless and powerful browsing experience for users. The company also claims that the browser’s new Quantum engine consumes 30 percent less memory than Chrome, which essentially reduces CPU workload, so users can work multiple applications without any hassles.

“Powered by a new, cutting-edge engine, Firefox has doubled its speed from last year. Because the Internet waits for no one. Firefox Quantum’s new engine uses 30% less memory than Chrome, so other programs won’t slow down during browsing. Now that’s a win-win,” said Mozilla.

Besides performance improvements, the Firefox 57 also comes with a few design upgrades. It now looks much intuitive and clutter-free compared to older versions of the browser.

We looked at real world hardware to make Firefox look great on any display, and we made sure that Firefox looks and works like Firefox regardless of the device you’re using,” SVP Mark Mayo explains in a post. “Our designers created a system that scales to more than just current hardware but lets us expand in the future.

It certainly looks futuristic with contrasting themes and cleaner icons. Even the whole browsing experience appears more streamlined with features such as new Library button. It contains all your bookmarks, browsing history, Downloads, and other stuff for easy access.
Firefox Quantum sticks to the same minimal and intuitive ethos of its predecessors, though offers subtle improvements meant to enhance the overall browsing experience.

The new browser also comes improved and powerful privacy tools, thanks to Firefox Private browsing. The company asserts its newest browser loads webpages 40 percent faster as it can block unwanted and intrusive ads.

Firefox Quantum releases worldwide today on all supported platforms. But will the latest browser help Mozilla reclaim the top spot from Google’s Chrome? We’ll soon find out.