Military expert fears “dam will break” on Ukraine war front

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Ukraine's defense capability is heavily dependent on Western arms supplies. The US has now decided on a comprehensive package – can it stop Russia's advance?

KIEV/MOSCOW – Russia has made a dangerous breakthrough in the Ukraine war. In the town of Ocheretyne, dictator Vladimir Putin's troops reportedly took advantage of a platoon shift to effect a breakthrough. Forbes. Ukraine's 47th Brigade, a particularly well-equipped and heavily combat-trained unit, blames even its own troops for Russia's victory. Is there now a danger of a major Russian advance beyond Ukraine's second line of defense?

Austrian officer and military expert Markus Reisner told the broadcaster that the location of the now-captured city was dangerous for the Russian army. NTV with. Because Ocheretyne is slightly elevated, it makes it an easy target for troops in the largely flat area of ​​eastern Ukraine. However, Ukraine lacks urgently needed ammunition and weapons.

Russians are breaking – Military expert fears “dam will break” in Ukraine war

Russia appears to be deliberately draining Ukraine's resources with a variety of initiatives. Reisner said that even the 47th Brigade, which had the most modern Western weapons, was “beaten up and worn out now.” Due to the lack of artillery, the military itself has the option of using drones. This means that an attack up to five kilometers is possible, but they do not have the artillery equipment to attack the Russians, especially in depth,” Reisner said. NTV. He fears there may be a “tipping point”.

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Ukraine is awaiting arms deliveries from the US. But will support turn the tide in the Ukraine war? Russia downplays aid. © ITAR-TASS/ZUMA Wire/Bestimage/IMAGO (montage)

However, decided deliveries from the US could salvage the situation. President Joe Biden recently defeated a blockade of the Republican majority in the Senate. Speaking at the White House on April 24, Biden said about $1 billion worth of military equipment would be delivered “in the next few hours.” The package includes anti-aircraft equipment, artillery, missile systems and armored vehicles.

Fear of arms supply? Russians push frontline for US aid

On the front end, people can't wait for delivery from the U.S., Reisner said. Surface-to-surface missiles of the ATACMS type with a range of 300 kilometers have been announced, enabling attacks on “command posts and logistics points”. Russia will use the remaining time to gain space to arm itself against announced deliveries. “The Russians will soon try to fill the captured area with forces so that they are as well positioned as possible for the planned summer offensive in June,” Reisner said.

After the US aid package was approved, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the US via video on X (formerly Twitter). Zelensky said the agreed package was “of major importance.” “I thank all Americans who work as defense contractors and in every country that produces weapons,” the president wrote in the post. Arms supplies will not only help Ukraine, but also strengthen “all our partners and the entire world” against Russian aggression.

“Serious danger” – lack of support damages Ukraine

The announced distribution from the United States is only a small part of the passed law on aid to Ukraine. In total, arms sales are expected to be worth 61 billion US dollars (about 57 billion euros). But the long delivery hiatus appears to have inflicted deep wounds on Ukraine's defense capabilities. “We're seeing the consequences of this lack of support, especially from the United States, especially these days,” Reisner said NTV. “They are becoming a serious threat to the Ukrainian defense line.”

Only voices from the Kremlin are serious. Like a news agency Reuters Russia announced that US supplies would not change the outcome of the Ukraine war. On the contrary, support will create more problems for the country. “The United States is directly involved in this conflict. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “They are following the path of increasing the range of weapons systems they provide. “This does not fundamentally change the outcome of the special military operation. Let's reach our goal. But this will cause more problems for Ukraine.

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