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Only one of them had fun that evening: U.S. President Joe Biden (left) laughed at Donald Trump at a reporters' party as he lashed out online. © IMAGO / Cover Pictures, IMAGO / USA TODAY Network

Joe Biden uses a traditional dinner in front of the press and celebrities to poke fun at Donald Trump. It didn't take long for the former president to counterattack.

WASHINGTON, DC — Donald Trump was not on the guest list for understandable reasons. Yet the former White House man somehow managed to attend the annual Correspondents' Dinner in Washington. In the presence of about 2,600 media professionals, politicians and well-known faces of show business, US President Joe Biden and host Colin Jost, for example, known as the editor of the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”, took aim at 77 years. – Old. He is very happy to do with others in much the same way.

Biden jokes about Trump: “Running like a grown man against a six-year-old”

“The 2024 election is in full swing, and yes, age is an issue,” the 81-year-old Democrat admitted at the Hilton Hotel, before dropping: “I'm a grown man running against a six-year-old.”

But that was just the beginning, because Biden said a little later: “Old age is what unites us. My vice president actually supports me.

The former vice-chancellor, who ran himself in the primary, stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, quickly realizing the lack of confidence and retreating. At the time, radicalized Trump fans were hounding him because Pence had confirmed Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election — his job as president of the Senate.

VIDEO: Republicans believe conspiracy to kill Donald Trump

Biden mocks Trump trial: “Some tough days – stormy weather”

Biden also addressed the day that forever changed the world's view of America — this time without any irony: “We have to take this seriously. Eight years ago this could have been dismissed as 'Trump talk,' but since January 6, that's not possible.” He was referring to Trump's warning that there was a risk of bloodshed if he was not declared the winner of this election.

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Aiming for a renewed feud with the most controversial US president in history, Biden continued: “I'm certainly not asking you to pick a side. It's important that everyone does their part to “ensure the survival of American democracy.” Trump is openly flirting with wanting to act like a dictator when he takes office again and again, even if it's “day one.”

To lighten the mood in the room, Biden also recalled several cases facing his opponent. Trump is currently facing allegations in court that he paid porn star Stormy Daniels and then falsified business documents. Referring to Trump's alleged affair nickname, Biden said: “Donald has had some tough days lately. You might say: stormy weather.”

Dinner Host Jokes About Trump: “Sleeping In Court Every Morning”

The host also used Jost's appearance before the judge as a joke. “I'd like to point out that it's after 10 p.m. and 'Sleepy Joe' is still awake, while Trump has spent every morning in court sleeping every morning,” Trump, husband of actor Scarlett Johansson, said at an advanced time. A nickname for the President of the United States.

His grandfather, who recently died, voted for Biden four years ago “because you're a decent man.” Jost continued, “My grandfather voted for decency, and civility is the reason we're all here tonight.”

The comedian took a wink at the aging of the two presidential contenders: “I'm not saying both candidates are old, but Jimmy Carter is out there somewhere and thinks to himself that I can win this thing.' He is only 99 years old.

Trump Confronts Truth on Social: 'An Absolute Disaster' at Biden Dinner

Meanwhile, Biden mocked Trump's latest coup involving him recently offering special copies for sale to fill his coffers. “Trump is so desperate that he starts reading the Bibles he sells. Then he comes to the first commandment: 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me.' Then he put it aside and said to himself, 'This is not a book for me.'

Trump, who had to allow Biden to call him “Sleepy Dawn” that evening, had always avoided the traditional dinner during his four years as president. At least this time he should have listened. On his social networking site Truth Social He said: “The White House Correspondents' Dinner was awful. Colin Jost bombed and 'Impostor Joe' was an absolute disaster! It couldn't have been worse!”

By Trump standards, even these punishments are harmless. More recently, he poked fun at Biden's fumble. Shown in the video He tied the most powerful man in the world.

Colin Jost (l.) and Joe Biden in a tuxedo at a table
They took turns at Donald Trump: In addition to US President Joe Biden (R.), comedian Colin Jost was one of the main guests at the reporters' party. © IMAGO / Cover Images

Biden at reporters' party: Demonstrators call attention to situation in Gaza Strip

Many media like Yahoo He also cited a response from New Hampshire's Republican governor. Chris Sununu is considered an ardent admirer of Trump and took a shot in Biden's direction: “The president sat through the entire speech, which was already a victory for him at such a late hour. It's not easy for politicians to make jokes. We're not designed to be funny. Don't expect us to be funny. When you laugh as a politician, that's it.” is a success.

Criticism isn't just coming from Republicans. As previously reported, protesters gathered around the building to draw attention to the situation in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military has been operating in the Gaza Strip for months to deliver radical Islamic Palestine, following the massacre of dozens of Hamas militants in Israel on October 7 last year, which left more than 1,000 people dead and dozens kidnapped. A harmless system.

Demonstrators chanted “shame on you” and accused Biden and his government of genocide. The media was also attacked for its one-sided and pro-Israel reporting. According to this, more than 130 Palestinian media workers have died during the military operation. Biden did not address the Middle East war in his ten-minute speech. (with mg, afp and dpa)

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