Microsoft has now enabled Chromebook owners to download and install the Office suite of apps on their devices irrespective of the make of their Chromebooks. This might not seem to be too big a deal but that’s exactly how things have been so far.

The MS Office apps such as Office and Excel also happens to be some of the most sought after productivity app on the Android platform. However, with Google having enabled Chromebook owners to run Android Play Store apps on their devices since May 2016, the MS Office has been rather choosy on the device it can run on.

Not anymore as the Office apps are now able to run on any Chromebook what so ever. Microsoft is yet to comment on the development though this is also believed to be the outcome of a change of stance on part of the Redmond giant. With the company seemingly going back to its roots so far as its approach to the mobile segment is concerned, it seems that is now being extended to Chromebooks as well.

Microsoft had off late stopped support for its own Windows 10 Mobile platform and seems content developing software for Android or iOS based devices. It has even been endorsing Android handset such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with a software suite running on the device.

This also seems to be the strategy adopted by Microsoft going forward, to establish a presence in as many segments and platform as possible with its software that has been tuned specifically for that niche. Now with Chromebooks within its ambit, the company will also have an instant access to a huge market, that of the student community that are among the biggest users of Chromebooks. Countries like New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, and the US ranks high in usage of the Chromebook.

Also, with Google pushing for higher acceptable of its Chromebook among a new segment, that of the enterprise users with its PixelBook device, Microsoft productivity software such as the Office might have yet another segment to tap into with the Chromebook. All of this does make sense for the software behemoth to unlock its software potential to as many users as possible.