Last few weeks in power: Tusk accuses PiS of looting Poland

has been in power for the past few weeks
Tusk accused PiS of looting Poland

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Although the right-wing nationalist PiS party lost the election in Poland, it formed a dummy government for a few weeks. Election winner Tusk reports questionable cash flows and sensational promotions. On Monday, the fear will go away.

After the election victory of his pro-European coalition, Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk has announced a decisive course. Tusk said in Warsaw that if he takes over the government, he will take immediate steps to repair the damage caused by the right-wing nationalist PIS. He accused PiS of “spending its last weeks in power destroying and destroying the Polish state and funneling cash to its own people.”

There are daily reports in the Polish media about the appointments of new officials, the signing of multi-year contracts and massive spending. “We see efforts to ‘concrete’ some institutions that rely on public money,” Tusk said. These are “huge sums”. Tusk spoke of “trying to leave PiS’s fifth column as much as possible.” His government, which could be sworn in next week, must make decisions “within an hour” of taking office to halt these efforts.

“De-escalate tensions with Ukraine”

This applies, inter alia, to the restoration of the rule of law and public media. Tusk also announced audits and investigations. The new government will lift the border blockade and ease tensions in relations with Ukraine.

PiS lost its absolute majority in the October 15 election and has no chance of forming a coalition. Nevertheless, President Andrzej Duda initially gave PiS the task of forming a government.

Interim Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will seek a confidence vote in parliament on Monday. If he fails as expected, Tusk could be elected by parliament as the new head of government. Its opposition liberal-conservative Citizens Alliance and its two coalition partners – the centrist coalition Third Way and the Left – have already signed a coalition agreement.

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