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Israeli army and Hamas special forces are engaged in heavy fighting in Gaza. The hostage rescue failed. Israel News on Ticker.

  • Heavy fighting I am Gaza Strip: Israel’s army enters Khan Yunis with tanks
  • America is lean Fire break ab: According to the US government, only Hamas will benefit
  • Information about the war in Israel and the Gaza Strip is processed here Coming from local and international media and news agencies. Most information cannot be independently verified. We are transparent in these matters as well.

Updated as of December 8, 12:50 PM: As the Israeli army continues to take action against the Islamic Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip, a rocket warning has been issued in Israel again. The Israeli military said sirens wailed repeatedly along the border with the Gaza Strip on Friday. Heavy explosions were also heard in the coastal city of Tel Aviv, according to Israeli media. This is because the bullets fired by Hamas fell into the Mediterranean Sea. Initially there were no injuries.

According to reports, rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip are now decreasing significantly. According to the army, there was 15 hours between the first attack on Friday morning and the last attack on Thursday evening.

Israeli army discovers Hamas tunnels

Updated as of December 8, 12:40 PM: Israel’s military says it has weapons and tunnels on the grounds of Al-Azhar University in the Gaza Strip. The military said Friday that Hamas uses the compound for its operations. According to information, an underground tunnel will lead to the school, which is one kilometer away from the university campus. During their raid on the compound on Thursday, the soldiers found, among other things, explosive devices and rockets. According to the military, Hamas also uses the university building to carry out attacks against Israeli soldiers. The information could not be independently verified at first.

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Israel’s military has repeatedly accused Hamas of launching attacks from residential areas, hospitals and other civilian buildings and using civilians as shields. The terrorist organization has denied this.

According to Hamas, Tel Aviv is under rocket fire

Updated as of December 8, 12:02 pm: Hamas says it fired rockets at Tel Aviv in a war against Israel. In the big city, however, step The Times of Israel No siren sound. Residents of Tel Aviv reported explosions in the Mediterranean Sea.

Updated as of December 8, 11:30 am: According to Hamas, an attempt to rescue the hostages by Israeli special forces in the Gaza Strip was foiled. One of the hostages is said to have died in the incident. In a statement shared on Telegram, Hamas’ Qassam Brigades said its fighters had witnessed an Israeli special forces rescue attempt. Many soldiers were killed and injured.

It said the slain hostage was a 25-year-old Israeli soldier named Sar Baruch. The list of hostages released by Israel includes one Sahar Baruch, a civilian student who was 24 when he was abducted from his home.

Buildings in the Gaza Strip have been destroyed as a result of Israeli military airstrikes in the war with Hamas. © Leo Correa/dpa

Updated as of December 8, 9:45 am: Israel continues its offensive around Khan Yunis. According to their own reports, the Israeli armed forces hit 450 targets in the Gaza Strip. Attacks were launched from the air, land and sea. However, Hamas factions are still resistant. This applies particularly to the Nukba units, a type of special forces within the Qassam Brigades controlled by Hamas.

Israel threatens a new front in the Lebanon war

Updated on December 8, 8:09 am: War in Israel is apparently another leading threat. Its own units fired back from Lebanon on Friday night, the Israeli military announced. Hezbollah fighters affiliated with Hamas and armed by Iran were said to be behind the attack. The IDF said on its Twitter account that the Israeli army retaliated with a drone strike.

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Updated as of December 8, 7:15 am: Another aid convoy from Egypt has reached the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Red Cross, there are 69 trucks delivering food and fuel to the area where fighting between Hamas and the army continues. Images on social media purportedly show Hamas militants surrendering to Israeli soldiers during Israel’s war. However, records cannot be independently verified.

Blinken calls on Israel to protect civilians in war

Updated as of December 8, 5:50 am: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has again called on Israel to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli leadership has taken important additional steps in this direction, Blinken said on Thursday (local time) after a meeting with his British counterpart David Cameron in Washington. However, there is still a gap between what he suggested during his recent visit to Tel Aviv and what actual results can be observed.

For example, Blinken said, it’s not just setting up safety zones, but also communicating about them so people actually know where, when and how they can escape. Also, such shelters should have food, water and medicine for the refugees.

Army advances into Khan Younis city center during war in Israel

Report from December 8: Tel Aviv/Gaza – In the Gaza Strip, fierce fighting between Israeli soldiers and radical Islamist Hamas militants is escalating and moving south. In Khan Yunis, the largest city in the south of the coastal enclave, Israeli soldiers advanced into the city center with tanks. The Israeli military said on Thursday (December 7) that it had “killed several Hamas terrorists and hit dozens of terrorist targets” in Khan Yunis.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has asked the UN to vote Friday morning on a draft resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, according to diplomats. A resolution needs at least nine votes to pass and no veto from the five permanent members, the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain. The US has said it does not support further action by the council at this time. The US and Israel reject the ceasefire because they believe it would only benefit Hamas.

Hamas Fires from “Humanitarian Safe Zones” in Israel War

Meanwhile, Israel’s military said Hamas fired rockets into Israel from “humanitarian protection zones.” Israeli media released pictures of dozens of Palestinians in their underwear who were arrested in the Gaza Strip on Thursday. The identities of the men are initially unclear. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said the northern coastal areas of Jabaliya and Shejaya were “terrorist strongholds and we are fighting them”.

Anyone remaining in these areas, coming out of tunnels or buildings, is being interrogated to clarify “who has ties to Hamas and who doesn’t.” Hagari explained that all are being arrested and interrogated.

Iran’s president visits Moscow – war is also an issue in Israel

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, who visited Moscow, accused Israel of bombing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he demanded a halt to the attacks. During their meeting, Putin and Raisi also spoke in favor of expanding bilateral cooperation. Putin mentioned the energy sector and major infrastructure projects.

Iran is Moscow’s most important partner in the region, including supplying weapons for the Ukraine war. Cooperation between the Russia-dominated Eurasian Free Trade Area and Iran would be even closer through a free trade agreement. It will be included in the BRICS group of important emerging nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in which Moscow plays a key role. (with news agency)

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