Knesset Preface: Selensky draws Holocaust comparison

Status: 03/20/2022 21:17

In a speech before the Knesset, Ukrainian President Zelensky strongly criticized the Israeli government. According to Zhelensky, negligence kills. Selensky’s words about the “final solution” caused annoyance among some.

Benjamin Hammer, ARD Studio Tel Aviv

In his speech, Volodymyr Zhelensky said that Israel was sure to feel the pain in Ukraine. But then he became clear: Why is Ukraine still waiting for Israel’s help when other countries are already helping? What about indifference or political calculation? Kill the indifference, said the President of Ukraine.

Israel, which has been providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine, is currently setting up its own military hospital there. However, Israel did not provide weapons. This is in light of Israel’s emotional relationship with Russia, a military power in neighboring Syria. Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett wants to mediate between Moscow and Kiev. Israel does not join international sanctions against Russia. Selenskiez also criticized it – and praised Israel’s missile defense system in his video transfer speech. But it is unlikely that Israel will provide this to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy: Russia wants a “final solution” in Ukraine

At one point, the Jewish president of Ukraine provoked some parliamentarians in Jerusalem. Russia uses Nazi words, Selenskyj said, and spoke of a “final solution”. However, it is now operating against Ukraine. An Israeli minister has said he admires the Ukrainian president. But Holocaust history cannot be rewritten.

The National Holocaust Memorial Yat Washem became clear. Although he avoided naming the Ukrainian president directly, he said in a statement: Such irresponsible statements belittle the historical facts of the Holocaust.

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