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Johnson Covers Up Incident: Was Putin Dress Mobile Phone Tapping?


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Johnson covered up the incident
Did Putin wiretap Truss’ cell phone?

According to British media reports, Liz Truss’s mobile phone has been malfunctioning for a long time. The Kremlin is said to be behind the move. Secret conversations with allies were tapped. Prime Minister Johnson saw Truss’ chances of a government post in jeopardy – and reportedly decided to cover it up.

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss’ phone was allegedly tapped for a long time before she took office. as “Daily Mail“Reports suggest that security officials are suspicious of Russia, and that top-secret talks with international allies about helping Ukraine in its fight against Russia, for example arms deliveries, have been tapped.

In particular, Truss allegedly erred during his tenure as British Foreign Secretary. He assumed this position in 2021. The leaks are said to include conversations with his confidante Kwasi Kwarteng, who was finance minister when he was prime minister. According to reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cell phone was discovered hacked in the summer when the question of his succession was being debated.

Johnson, along with Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, reportedly decided not to publish the incident when it became known. That should keep Truss’ chances in the presidential race intact. A government spokesman declined to comment on the incident, the report said. The cell phone is now locked in a safe, the report said.

Truss succeeded Johnson as Prime Minister in early September. However, he resigned after 45 days. Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak leads the government.

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