Russia is running out of missiles

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Ukraine shoots down hundreds of kamikaze drones Is Russia losing a significant part of its war strategy? Message Ticker.

+++ 9.40 pm: Ukrainian defenders continue to achieve victories in the war of Russian aggression. For example, the strategically important highway between Svyatov and Kreminna in the Luhansk region is “practically under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces,” the region’s governor, Serhiy Haidai, said on Facebook. “Despite bad weather, continuous rain for several days in a row, there is progress.” In the course of the attack, settlements were also liberated. Detailed information on this should be followed from the Ukrainian civil servants.

Luhansk is at the heart of Ukraine’s war. Russia suffers casualties. (archive image) © Stanislav Krasilnikov/imago

The General Staff said in its evening briefing that Ukraine had attacked 26 Russian-held areas. Weapons, military equipment, ammunition depots and four “enemy anti-aircraft missile systems” were hit. Among others, Russian equipment was fired at the settlement of Novovotyan in the Zaporizhia region. According to Ukrainian civil servants, 110 Russian soldiers were injured in the attacks.

Ukraine War Losses: Russia Runs Out of Missiles

+++ 6.35 pm: According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia does not appear to have the missiles. That is why the Russian army changed its strategy in the war in Ukraine. So the line of fire is essentially critical infrastructure and no longer military bases, Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihna said. Energy plants in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, were recently attacked.

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As Russia’s supply of Iskander ballistic missiles runs out, the Kremlin is buying missiles from Iran and North Korea. However, Soviet S-300 missiles and Ch-22 missiles will continue to be used by Russia on the front line.

Ukraine War Losses: 300 Russian kamikaze drones destroyed

+++ 2:21 pm: Ukraine claims to have shot down 300 Shahed-136 kamikaze drones since September 13. Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said this in an interview with Ukraine News Agency. Ugrinform. Ihnad explained that the Russian military has begun using drones more frequently. He attributed the situation to the depletion of stocks of drones.

Heavy losses for Russia: Ukraine killed almost 70,000 soldiers

+++ 11.23 am: According to Ukrainian sources, another 480 Russian fighters were killed in less than a day – a total of 69,700 enemy fighters said to have died since the start. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense in Kiev. In addition, they succeeded in securing airspace. Two Russian helicopters and a fighter jet were shot down.

  • Players: 69,700 (+480 on previous day)
  • Flights: 272 (+1)
  • Helicopter: 251 (+2)
  • Puncture: 2640 (+9)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 5378 (+14)
  • Artillery System: 1698 (+8)
  • Air Defense Systems: 192 (+0)
  • Multiple rocket launcher systems: 379 (+0)
  • Cars and other vehicles: 4088 (+10)
  • Ships: 16 (+0)
  • Unmanned Combat Drones: 1401 (+3)
  • As of Friday, 28 October 2022
  • Information about Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine comes from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. They cannot be independently verified. The Kremlin gives very little information about its own losses.

Ukraine war news: Kadyrov admits heavy losses – and rages against “Satanists”

+++ 8.48 am: After being shelled by Ukrainian troops, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov acknowledged heavy losses in his own ranks. “23 militants died and 58 were wounded,” Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday night (October 28). Ukrainian sources said earlier this week a Chechen unit in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson revealed its location through photos on social media and was hit by artillery fire.

“Yes, there were great losses on our side that day, but the Chechens are participating in Jihad (…). And if they die in a holy war, it is an honor and great joy for every true Muslim. We all dream of dying in the path of Allah,” he said. Nevertheless, the “Satanists” in Ukraine will be punished for it, Kadyrov wrote: “We will hunt them down mercilessly.”

In general, Russian officials do not release statistics on their own casualties. In this case, Kadyrov may have tried to put into perspective the even higher numbers cited by the Ukrainian side. At the same time, the Chechen leader used the permit to call on his comrades to mobilize for war in Ukraine.

Heavy losses for Russia: Ukraine destroys weapons depots and hangars

Update as of 6:42 a.m. Friday, October 28: According to their own reports, Ukrainian forces killed dozens of Russian soldiers in the south of the country on Thursday (October 27). The Air Force launched 16 strikes on enemy positions in the direction of the Southern Bug River, hitting equipment depots, the Southern Operations Command said on Facebook.

Artillery units meanwhile fought about 130 battles. Russia lost 44 soldiers, one tank, two mortars and three armored fighting vehicles. “Two ammunition depots and a hangar with enemy equipment were destroyed in the Perislav district,” the command said.

Heavy losses for Russia: Ukraine discovers camouflaged tanks and destroys them and their occupants

+++ 7.30 PM: In southern Ukraine, a group of paratroopers saw camouflaged tanks of Russian forces. As a result, they and their residents were taken under artillery fire and destroyed, reported the news service of the Ukrainian paratroopers.

The service also released video of the artillery attack, showing tanks being destroyed. An independent review is not possible at this stage.

Heavy losses for Russia: 50 soldiers killed in southern Ukraine

+++ 7 PM: The Ukrainian army has also recorded victories from the south of the country. According to the Southern Command, it launched about 190 rocket and mortar attacks.

53 Russian soldiers were reportedly killed in the attack. In addition, two mortars, a large-scale self-propelled howitzer Akajija, two armored fighting vehicles and two earthen bunkers were destroyed. The information has not yet been independently verified.

+++ 5.45 pm: Ukraine’s armed forces are recording victories from the Kherson region. A video released by the Ukrainian military shows a main battle tank attacking an alleged Russian position.

Ukraine’s 28th Armored Corps wrote on Facebook: “The invaders tried to keep their positions in the Kherson fields secret. However, they could not avoid our armored units. The enemy (Russian Army) suffered honest casualties and had to retreat. The information has not yet been independently verified.

Destroyed Ukrainian troops and killed ten officers

+++ 3.55 pm: Located in Ukraine According to their own reports Destroyed Russian forces in Luhansk Oblast. About 60 Russian military personnel, including at least ten officers, were reportedly killed. This was announced by Luhansk Region Governor Serhiy Haidai.

Ukraine war news: The terror of kamikaze drones is getting smaller

+++ 2.31 pm: Should Russia resort to a new tactic soon? Iran’s kamikaze drones gave Russian momentum in the war against Ukraine – but fears of unmanned aerial vehicles appear to be abating little by little. According to their own reports, Ukrainian armed forces now shoot down about 80 percent of drones.

“The effectiveness of our air defense system is at a very high level: 79 percent of enemy drones were shot down. In the last day alone, our anti-aircraft defense destroyed 18 out of 20 kamikaze drones,” Brigadier General Oleksii Hromov told a military conference in the capital Kyiv. According to Hromov, the Ukrainian Defenders also shot down six Russian Ka-52, Mi-24 and Mi-28 attack helicopters last week.

“So, we can congratulate all Russian Air Force crews on their upcoming professional holiday, which will take place tomorrow. They can fly in and we will shoot them down,” Khromov said. The information could not be independently verified.

Russia is pushing its own soldiers “to their deaths” in Ukraine

Update as of Thursday, October 27, 11:51 am: Volodymyr Zelenskyy has the procedure Russia again guilty of war in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian president, the “madness of the Russian command” is currently very evident in the region around Donetsk. “Day by day and for months they are pushing people to their death there,” the Ukrainian president said in a speech on Wednesday evening (October 26). Meanwhile, Russia continues to record heavy losses.

Russia’s Ukraine War Losses: 320 Soldiers Killed

Report from Thursday, October 27: Kyiv – to the Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin The war in Ukraine has not yet gone as expected from Russia’s point of view. The Russian army has suffered heavy casualties in the fighting and many soldiers have lost their lives in the neighboring country. Military equipment is also being destroyed on a large scale by Ukrainian militias.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has now published the latest statistics on Russian losses. Within a day, Ukrainian soldiers could have killed another 320 enemy fighters. Among others, it managed to destroy one fighter jet, one military helicopter, three tanks and 13 armored fighting vehicles. “Beat the aggressor! Let’s win together!” said the ministry from Kew.

Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine: new statistics are known

The Ukrainian Air Force provided detailed information on the downed Russian plane on its Telegram channel. “At 8 am on October 27, a unit of the Kherson anti-aircraft missile squadron of the Southern Air Command shot down a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter,” the Air Force wrote in the diplomatic service. 40 minutes later, a Su-25 fighter jet was destroyed in the Odesa region. The Luftwaffe spoke of a “morning of good news”. (with agencies)

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