Israeli army discovers largest Hamas tunnel to date

50 Meters Deep: The Largest Hamas Tunnel Discovered To Date

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Updated on December 17, 2023 – 9:41 pmReading Time: 45 min.

Enlarge the imageUnderground network in Gaza Strip: Israel army says it has discovered the biggest tunnel of terrorist organization Hamas. (Credit: Ariel Schalit/ap-bilder)
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Many Israeli soldiers were killed in the fighting. The hostages who were shot dead by the Israeli army were carrying white flags. All information on news blog.

The most important things at a glance

Hamas terrorists entered the territory of Israel on October 7 and carried out massacres. Israel has been attacking targets in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip ever since. This news blog keeps you updated on current developments:

Israel released more information about the killing of the hostages

9:39 p.m: Israel has released more details about the accidental shooting of three Hamas hostages in the Gaza Strip. On Sunday, the military said signs in Hebrew read “SOS” and “Help, three hostages” on the walls of a nearby building. It circulated photographs showing white cloth signs with red inscriptions. They were hanging from a building about 200 meters away from where the hostages were accidentally shot. Read more about the incident.

German speaks on US TV about Hamas hostage-taking

8:45 PM: According to freed German-Israeli hostages, women in particular endure particular terrors when held captive by the terrorist organization Hamas. “As a woman, you are never completely free from the fear of being raped or being part of a series of acts,” Yarden Roman said in an interview with American broadcaster CBS.

Brother of slain hostage accuses Israel’s military of “murder”.

8:02 pm: One of three Hamas hostages accidentally killed by Israeli soldiers was buried on Sunday, with strong accusations against Israel’s military. Dozens of relatives of 26-year-old Alon Shamris attended the funeral at Kibbutz Shefaim, north of Tel Aviv. His brother Ido accused the Israeli army of “abandoning and murdering” Alon.

“Those who abandoned you also killed you, after you had done everything right,” Ido Shamriz said. “You survived 70 days of hell,” Shamri’s mother Dikla said in her eulogy. “You would have been in my arms a moment longer.”

According to the military, Shamriz, Jotham Haim and Samar el-Talalka – three men aged between 25 and 28 – were killed in the Gaza Strip on Friday despite calling for help in Hebrew while carrying a white flag.

Israel and Hamas may be open to a cease-fire

7:12 pm: According to Egyptian security sources, Israel and Hamas are open to a ceasefire. This also applies to the fresh release of hostages or prisoners. However, the details of the potential deal remain controversial.

Egypt and Qatar will insist on speeding up aid to the Gaza Strip and the opening of the Kerem Shalom border crossing before talks begin, two Egyptian security sources said on Sunday. Qatar had already negotiated a week-long cease-fire that was implemented at the time, and Hamas had released hostages and prisoners from Israeli jails weeks earlier. Read more about Qatar’s role in the Middle East conflict.

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