Russia’s losses are “many times greater”

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Ukraine is making efforts to protect Avdiivka. Your soldiers continue to fight against superior Russian forces.

Avdiivka – In October, Russia launched its offensive around Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine, causing thousands of deaths on both sides before the onset of a harsh Ukrainian winter. Western explorers were initially optimistic. American magazines and others have reported on this Newsweek.

Ukraine war: Continued fighting in the country’s east

Meanwhile, Moscow’s troops are advancing almost daily in their offensive around Avdiivka. A few months ago military experts would not have suspected this. At the start of the offensive, Western strategists saw strategic advantages for the Ukrainian military. The fighting is now non-stop, putting tremendous physical and mental strain on soldiers on both sides.

Ukrainian soldiers face Russian superiority in freezing cold. © Not credited/Ukrinform/dpa

Ukrainians are determined despite concerns about the potential consequences of a Russian victory in the Donetsk region. “So far no one is ready to retreat,” said Dmytro Lasutkin, a Ukrainian journalist and writer now fighting with the 47th Brigade in Avdiivka. The unit was transferred from the southern Zaporizhia region to the Donets in October.

Avdivka: Heavy losses among the Russian forces

Moscow’s troops have recently made significant progress southeast of Stepo, a small village near Avdiivka. The defense of Stepo is of strategic importance to Ukraine. Journalist Lasutkin explained that the Ukrainian brigades, armed with Western Bradley fighting vehicles and Javelin missiles, were determined to cling to the city of Avdiivka.

“The enemy’s loss is many times more than ours. “Our armed forces are determined to hold Avdiivka as long as possible, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy,” Lasutkin emphasized. The British government recently noted that Russian losses have reached new highs since February 2022. Adrian Watson, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said Russia had lost more than 13,000 troops in the past two months in heavy fighting around Avdiivka.

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Russia: The Great Use of “Human Resources”.

Russia is making a strategic bet that its “human resources” and the number of its drones exceed the capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces. Lasutkin is convinced that Moscow’s use of kamikaze drones has intensified in the Avdiyivka region.

Security forces in Kiev therefore face the need for their own drones and additional ammunition. Lasutkin underlined the importance of technological development in war: “War is becoming technological. We need advanced means of electronic warfare to defeat an enemy with superior human resources.”

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