Israel ticker: Israel bombed more than 200 targets in the Gaza Strip

8:11 am: Military: Hamas radar system destroyed in Gaza airstrikes

The Israeli Air Force says it also destroyed a radar system belonging to the ruling Islamist group Hamas during its strikes in the Gaza Strip. “Warplanes have destroyed an advanced radar system developed by the terrorist organization Hamas that was used to detect missiles in Gaza,” the military said, hiding on rooftops and distributing throughout the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, the network was brought down within minutes by attacks on various targets. This deprived Hamas of its ability to create a broad picture of the sky aimed at hitting missiles, the statement said. All signal detection devices in the system were attacked.

8:03 am: Israel – At least 1,000 Gaza invaders killed

According to the military, Israeli troops have crossed at least 1,000 armed Palestinians into Israel from the Gaza Strip. In addition, all communities in Israel have been strengthened across the country, Israeli newspaper “Hayom” quoted a military spokesman as saying.

7:46 am: Media: Attack kills brother of Hamas military chief Deif

According to Palestinian sources, the brother of senior Hamas commander Mohammed Tayeb was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip. Hamas-affiliated media in the coastal region reported that Abdul Fattah Taif was killed in an airstrike in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. Deif’s other relatives are said to be dead. Taif is considered a “Phantom” and has survived several Israeli assassination attempts. He is the commander of the Al-Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

7:27 am: “Great relief” – Edlingen school group back in Germany

A group of students from Ettlingen in the district of Karlsruhe have returned safely to Germany from Israel. This was announced by the Karlsruhe district office on Wednesday night. The youngsters, who landed late on Tuesday evening, are said to have been hugged by their families again after days of worry. The relief is huge, said District Administrator Christoph Schnadigal. “After the events in Israel we freely organized a return trip without hesitation.” We have always been able to rely on the expertise of our local Israeli friends. The students, aged 16 to 19, were on a student exchange in the Israeli region of Shaar Hanegeh since Thursday. The district of Karlsruhe has had a partnership with the region for almost 30 years.

6:55 am: Israel reports rocket fire from Syria

Israel says it was hit by rockets from Syria and retaliated with artillery fire from the Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967. The Israeli military said on Tuesday that there had been “a series of rocket attacks from Syria into Israeli territory”. Israeli soldiers retaliated with “artillery and mortar fire”. It was the first firefight between Israel and Syria since the radical Islamist Palestinian group Hamas launched a major attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip on Saturday. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the bombs were fired by “Palestinian groups operating in collaboration with Lebanese Hezbollah.”

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6:39 a.m.: First plane carrying US weapons arrives in Israel

According to the military, the first US aircraft with modern weapons has landed in southern Israel. The delivery, which arrived at Nevatim air base on Tuesday evening (local time), was intended to “facilitate significant military operations” following major terrorist attacks by Hamas, the Israeli armed forces said.

5:52 am: Army spokesman: Israel death toll rises to 1,200

The death toll in Israel from major attacks by Islamist Hamas has risen to at least 1,200. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Jonathan Conricus announced this on Wednesday morning. “The vast majority” are civilians, Conricus added. According to new information from the Israel Defense Forces, 2,800 people were wounded on the Israeli side. Reportedly, 2,294 Hamas targets were hit. Officials in the Gaza Strip put the death toll on the Palestinian side at at least 950. According to Hamas, at least 30 people were killed in the Palestinian territories in fresh Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night. The media office of the terrorist Hamas government told AFP news agency that hundreds more were injured.

5:22 am: Pfizer announces crackdown on Hamas supporters

After a major attack by Hamas on Israel, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Fasser (SPD) announced a tough crackdown on sympathizers and supporters of the radical Islamic Palestinian organization in Germany. “We are using all intelligence and police means to take action against Hamas supporters,” Pfizer told newspapers from the Funke media group. “Our security officials are targeting the Islamist scene more closely to immediately identify Hamas’ reactions to terrorism and stop any support. This also applies to fundraising for Hamas,” Fazer explained. The interior minister wants to take sustained action against demonstrations and gatherings celebrating Hamas’ actions.

5am: Israeli army finds dozens of bodies in Kfar Azza village

Four days after an attack on the village of Kfar Azza, a few hundred meters from the Gaza border, Israeli soldiers have recovered dozens of bodies. The American newspaper “New York Times” reported that roads, lawns and houses were strewn with corpses. The newspaper quotes Israeli Major General Itai Veru: “This is not a war or a battlefield, this is a massacre.” He had never seen anything like this in his life; It reminds him of a massacre in his grandparents’ time.

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4:42 am: The EU has been vocal in its criticism of Musk’s messaging service X

Online platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has been criticized for spreading disinformation and hateful content related to Hamas attacks on Israel. EU digital commissioner Thierry Breton wrote a letter to its owner, Elon Musk, saying the images had nothing to do with the current situation in the Middle East. Breton stressed that some of this content may breach EU law. He called on Musk to remove such content “in a fair, conscientious and objective manner” if necessary.

4:37am: Massive reservation mobilization in Israel – country shows solidarity in times of crisis

In an unprecedented move, the Israeli army has mobilized 360,000 reservists to fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The event is one of the largest invasions in Israel’s history and has had a severe impact on daily life: many citizens are leaving their jobs and families are being torn apart. The call marks the largest mobilization since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Many citizens have volunteered for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) regardless of their age. The rapid response was remarkable, with 300,000 bookings being drafted in just 48 hours.

After many airlines suspended flights to Israel, plane tickets became scarce and expensive. Nevertheless, El Al, Israel’s largest airline, is planning additional flights. The Israeli military has also sent Hercules transport planes to several European countries to bring Israelis home.

4:32 am: Hackers disrupt Israeli websites

Politically motivated hackers say they are specifically targeting Israeli websites. “The attackers have taken us offline for a long time in the past few days,” said Avi Meyer, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post newspaper. “This is a blatant attack on press freedom.” Security analysts say more than 100 websites in Israel have been defaced or temporarily disrupted. In other incidents, the so-called AnonGhost A group of pro-Hamas hackers said on their social media channel that they had disrupted an Israeli emergency alert app. Another group, called AnonymousSudan, said on the short messaging service Telegram that it was actively targeting Israel’s critical infrastructure. However, it provided little evidence to support its claims. Israel’s Computer Emergency Response Team ( CERT) did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

4:27 am: Israel’s air force bombards more than 200 targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Air Force continued its counterstrikes in the Gaza Strip after a major attack by Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said dozens of warplanes struck more than 200 targets in the al-Furqan area. For the third time in 24 hours, large-scale attacks have been carried out in the Gaza Strip. More than 450 targets were hit.

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4 am: So far there is no evidence of a direct link between US intelligence agencies and Iran

U.S. intelligence agencies have so far found no evidence of direct Iranian involvement in Hamas’ recent terrorist attacks in Israel that have killed hundreds of people. This was stated by US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan. This information was confirmed by Matthew Miller of the US State Department.

Although Iran is known to have supported Hamas with money and weapons for years, there is no evidence that Iran directly launched or coordinated the attack that began on Saturday. Iran indirectly contributes to such attacks through its long-standing support of Hamas, but Sullivan emphasized that Iran’s specific role in the latest attack was unclear. The US remains in contact with Israel and will continue to review all intelligence information.

3:07 am: Report – Death toll rises to 1,200 after Hamas attack

According to media reports, the death toll in Israel from major attacks by Islamist Hamas has risen to at least 1,200. This was reported by the Israeli broadcaster “Kan”. At least 3,000 people were injured. The “Jerusalem Post” and other media outlets also reported these figures citing the broadcaster.

02:54 am: More retaliatory attacks by the Israeli army in Gaza City

Israel continues overnight retaliatory strikes across the Gaza Strip. The military said more than 70 targets were hit in Daraj Tufa, Gaza City. Hamas used the district for direct attacks on Israel.

02.32 am: Masala: Germany to provide military aid to Israel

Military expert Carlo Masala expects a “longer and more dangerous” ground offensive in the Middle East, calling for Germany to be militarily supported in the war if necessary. “If the Israelis ask Germany for military aid, we must provide that too,” Masala told the Funke media group’s newspapers. He explained that the form in which Germany should provide military aid was “the decision of the Israelis”. “Germany will certainly not send ground troops. Germany may send medical services, maybe help on the maritime side or through NBC security,” said Masala, who teaches international politics at the Bundeswehr University in Munich.

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