US Election 2024: Obama to replace Biden

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Too old, too old, too unpopular – doubts are growing whether Joe Biden can stand up to Donald Trump in the US election. But there may be a plan B.

WASHINGTON — Now 81 years old US President Joe Biden Is it really still relevant to engage in a tough election campaign against rival Donald Trump and then another four-year term? The question applies not only to potential voters, but also to Biden's party colleagues US Election 2024 Around because the current President's misdeeds have repeatedly shaken confidence in him.

A few days ago, Biden met with French President Emmanuel Macron at a campaign event It's been almost 30 years since pioneer Francois Mitterrand died.. This isn't the only bizarre mistake he's made in recent years. He referred to Ukrainians as Iranians in a speech or read speech instructions from a teleprompter during a speech: “It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register and vote is consistently higher than that of men. End of quote. Say the sentence again.”

Candidates for 2024 US election: Donald Trump often makes strange mistakes

It has long been clear to his political opponents that Biden must be aging — even if they are their own candidate Donald Trump At 77, he is slightly younger than Biden And also allows for a lot of strange misbehavior. He recently confused his Republican rival, Nikki Haley, with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Elsewhere, he talked about how, when he was elected president in 2016, he won “a fight that everyone said he couldn't win” — namely against Barack Obama. In fact, Hillary Clinton was her rival in the race for the White House.

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Unlike Biden, such mistakes don't seem to hurt Trump. In the post-truth era, his followers ignore the fallacies of self-proclamation.Most stable geniuses“, in the case of his opponent they are immediately declared a weakness, which calls into question his ability to hold office. This completely unequal view may seem unfair, but it has an effect. Biden is considered “too old” by significantly more Americans for the second term than Trump.

Will Michelle Obama run against Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden? (Archive photo from 9/11 memorial service) © dpa/Shawn Thew

It is precisely in this context that former first lady Michelle Obama is now fueling speculation that has been secretly circulating in Washington for months. Speaking about the election, Obama told Jay Shetty's “On Purpose” podcast: “I'm very afraid of what's going to happen. […] We cannot take this democracy for granted. Sometimes I worry that we do. […] These are things that keep me awake.” The Democrat points to statements by Trump, who has declared that he would one day act as a dictator against his opponents if re-elected.

Has Obama already announced his candidacy for the 2024 US election?

Obama said it was important to prevent such attempts. But in all polls, Donald Trump is now clearly ahead of Joe Biden. According to campaign experts, only a criminal conviction for Trump could turn the tide. But it's entirely uncertain whether Trump will actually take such a drastic legal blow before the Nov. 5 election. So the question is whether Democrats are willing to put everything on this card.

In the fall of 2023, there was speculation about an alternative scenario where Michelle Obama would run against Donald Trump rather than Joe Biden. These speculations are now receiving a double boost: on the one hand, candidacy plans are explained in Obama's podcast statements, and on the other hand, he is said to be already considering the idea of ​​running for office in 2022. It was made public a few days ago. One of America's foremost social reporters, Cindy Adams, The New York PostMichelle Obama reportedly met with some prominent hedge fund CEOs in New York in the summer of 2022 and announced, “I'm running and I'm asking for your support.”

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Spectacular candidate change without a primary election?

That would be a 180-degree turn from Obama's repeated belief that he has no political ambitions. In 2018, she also said that she was “not interested in politics” like her husband. But a lot of time has passed since then and the prospect of a second Trump term may have prompted a rethink. Now the liberal and conservative American media are speculating About an amazing candidate shift among Democrats. Belief or Conspiracy declared.

Accordingly, Joe Biden will announce in May that he will not run for a second term for health reasons. At this point, the primaries are long over, and Trump may officially be the opposing candidate starting Super Tuesday on March 5, 2024. In August, Democrats will nominate Michelle Obama as an alternate candidate at their nominating party convention and elect her presidential nominee with a large majority without the usual intra-party pre-election battles.

In televised debates in September and October, the popular, relatively young and eloquent Michelle Obama will square off against Donald Trump — a situation many Democrats expect their party to win clearly, unlike Biden's appearance. However, it is still unclear who will run on Obama's side as the vice presidential nominee. Kamala Harris is Biden's running mate It doesn't matter anymore – on the one hand, a team with two black women makes no political sense, and on the other hand, according to polls, Harris is more unpopular than Biden.

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