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Inside Damon Lindelof’s New Movie – The Hollywood Reporter


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the secret star Wars Film project that drives creatively Damon Lindelof I was Stormed Sunday Open Tonight when it was revealed that Charmaine Obaid Shinui is the one who directed two episodes of Mrs. MarvellHe was on the plane as captain.

The project has been in the works for months, and while Lindelof is getting Wookiee’s share of attention, thanks in no small part to a lineage that includes a shared TV sensation Lost And sponsorship of the popular HBO series guardsHe is by no means the only person involved in the project.

Actually, if Lost And the guardsBeside leftoversanother beloved series created by Lindelof, showed anything, it is that one of the writer’s main talents is the selection of talented collaborators.

The sources say The Hollywood Reporter That Lindelof writes the new star Wars Screenplay with Justin Brett Gibson, a young and up-and-coming writer who served as executive story editor on the vampire drama Guillermo del Toro, strainand wrote Stars episodes peera series dealing with parallel dimensions and starring JK Simmons.

However, Brett Gibson comes to the job after a secret (always a secret star Wars, right?) The book that started collecting after this year’s Star Wars celebration. The Chamber held a two-week session in July and at the table was Patrick Somerville, who worked with Lindelof on leftovers Then go to create a buzz Eleventh Station; Raina McClendon, Lucasfilm Special Consulting Producer Obi-Wan Kenobi And a writer for the upcoming company willow series; And Andy Greenwald, creator of the 2019 crime drama Rosario Dawson briar patch (of which McClendon was a story editor), among two other writers.

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Dave Filoni, stepdaughter star Wars Creator George Lucas who has participated in several shows may also be present.

After the story was broken, Lindelof and Brett Gibson were knocking away from consoles.

Sources say the film project is intended to be standalone but success may lead to more films. This plan ran counter to the trajectory of Lucasfilm’s previous development process, which saw the company attempt to invent new triads. Now, the studio appears to be focusing on individuals.

Sources say that the story will take place after the events of 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, although it will not be a continuation of the Skywalker series. However, it can feature some characters from star Wars Trilogy made in 2010.

Disney released a star Wars A year from 2015-2019, but then-Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted he was too fast after the turmoil. Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) became the first star Wars Movie lose money. Disney pressed pause on star Wars The following theatrical plans Heavenly Risewith the studio focusing on broadcast television. The Mandalorian It helped power Disney+ and became its de facto flagship when it launched in November 2019, a full year before Marvel Studios began pumping several series a year to supplement Lucasfilm production. Lucas Film Andor Currently streaming, with The Mandalorian Back for season 3 in February.

Until now star WarsBig screen movements are closely watched. Patty Jenkins Rogue Squadron The film was scheduled to open in December 2022, but is now off the calendar and secondary advantage. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is producing a movie to be written lokiMichael Waldron, while Thor: Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi developed his own film over two years ago with 1917 Writer Kristi Wilson Kearns writes.

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As for when the Lindelof movie could be dropped, December 2025 is the earliest date Disney has set on its calendar for a period of time. star Wars Property.

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