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James Corden talks about the Balthazar accident on The Late Late Show


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James Corden He used his opening monologue on ‘The Late Late Show’ on Monday to address his recent incident temporarily banned From Brasserie New York.

The British host of the CBS talk show said he had no intention of upsetting anyone, and that he would like to “apologise in person”.

Corden told the audience that he was taking the “British attitude” to stay calm and keep writing things about him, following his motto: “Never complain. Never explain.”

But, as his father – who was seated in the audience – reminded him, he “really complained, and so (he) might need clarification”.

Corden said he was having breakfast with friends in Balthazar, New York, where his wife explained that she had a severe food allergy. He said she got the order incorrect three times, when “in the heat of the moment… he made a sarcastic and rude comment about cooking it myself.”

“It is a comment that I deeply regret,” he added.

Corden said he didn’t realize he had done anything wrong because he didn’t “scream or scream.”

I didn’t get up from my seat. I didn’t call anyone names or use derogatory language. I walked around thinking I didn’t do anything wrong, right, but the truth is I did. I made a rude comment and it was wrong, it was an unnecessary comment It was indecent for a servant.”

When he read an Instagram post from Balthazar’s owner, Keith McNally, that denied him entry to the restaurant, he immediately called him to tell him how upset he was about hurting anyone, clearing the air.

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After Corden was initially banned last week for abusive behavior, McNally Publishing The comedian had “apologised profusely” on a call and everything was resolved.

Corden concluded the monologue by saying that he’d like to go to Balthasar when he got back to New York and apologize in person.

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