Injury after ricochets: Tensions escalate around anti-Islamist rally in Sweden

Injured after ricochet
In Sweden the situation escalated around an anti-Islamic rally

An extreme right-wing group has been marching through Swedish cities, wanting to burn the Koran every time. It invites anti-protesters into the scene. According to their own reports, police fired warning shots into Norgoping – which struck three people. These were taken to the hospital.

In Sweden, after a meeting of the far-right group Strom Kurz, anti-protesters resurfaced. In Norgoping, police said a warning fire was fired Sunday. Police said three people were attacked and injured by rickshaws. Police say a bus, car and trash can were set on fire in Malm.

The three injured from Norgoping were taken to hospital and remanded in custody as a precautionary measure because they are suspected of the crime.

The protests were sparked by a meeting of the anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant group Strom Kurz (Strammer Kurz) led by politician and lawyer Rasmus Baloo. It is currently moving through various Swedish cities and holding meetings there in which one Quran is to be burned at a time. There were several clashes between police and protesters.

Struggles in many cities

On Saturday, the Strom Kurs rally was moved from Landskrona in southern Sweden to a parking lot in the neighboring city of Malm to avoid rioting. Nevertheless, protests erupted in various parts of Malm and rioters hurled stones at police. A spokesman said police officers were not injured. However, several reports of sabotage have been reported.

In Norgoping, more than 150 protesters took to the streets on Sunday to protest against Strom Kurz. Police said stones were thrown at police officers and cars were set on fire. The police arrested four people involved in the demonstration.

Ten people have been admitted to hospital with minor injuries in similar clashes in Linkoping, TT news agency quoted health officials as saying.

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