Ukraine: The Kiev government has filled out a questionnaire for EU members

D.According to the government, Ukraine has completed the questionnaire for the EU membership application submitted by the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Ihor Zhovkva, vice president of the office of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said in a televised interview on Ukrainian public television (local time) on Sunday that the European Commission must now clarify whether Ukraine meets the required access criteria.

“We expect the recommendation to be positive and then the ball will be in the hands of EU member states,” he said. According to him, Ukraine expects to receive EU candidate status during the scheduled session of the European Council on June 23-24.

During his visit to Kiev on April 8, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj a speedy decision to allow the country into the international community. He gave Selenskyj a list of proposed EU membership questions and the President promised to implement the document within a week.

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Prime Minister of Albania

Ukraine News – All Events in Live Ticker:

09:39 – Serbia accuses Ukraine of disrupting air traffic

Serbia Ukraine and an unnamed EU country have accused Air Serbia’s service between Belgrade and Moscow of being thwarted by a false bomb alert. “The foreign services of two countries do it. One is the European Union and the other is Ukraine,” said Serbian President Alexander Vuிக்i. He gives no evidence for this.

In recent weeks, Air Serbia passenger planes have returned again and again after the bomb threat. Belgrade Airport has been evacuated several times. Serbia seeks good relations with both Russia and the European Union. The Balkans did not participate in Western sanctions imposed on Russia due to the Ukraine war.

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09:04 – Russian forces carry out more attacks

According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian military has almost completed preparations for a new offensive in Donbass. “In the eastern arena, the armed forces of the Russian Federation are completing the formation of an offensive force,” Ukrainian civil servants said in a statement on Monday.

The Russian military is currently trying to identify weak points in the Ukrainian defense lines with personal attacks. The Russian armed forces carried out further attacks on cities in the Donbass at night. “The enemy has been making major efforts in the areas of Lyman, Kremnina, Bopasna and Rubishne, and has tried to establish full control over Mariupol,” Ukrainian civil servants said. In addition, the Russian military sought to establish a bridge north of the Ukrainian-controlled city Schweizerotonesk To build. According to Kiev sources, the attacks were repulsed.

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Like Mariupol

Civilians also reported Russian airstrikes on targets in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and predicted further Russian offensive efforts in southern Ukraine. There the Russian army will try to reach the borders of the Gershon region.

08:29 – Reports of explosions in Lviv

Five Russian rockets fired Monday morning, according to Ukrainian sources City of Liv Met in the west of the country. “There were five simultaneous violent rocket attacks on the civilian infrastructure of the old European city of Lviv,” wrote Mikhail Potolyak, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zhelensky. A resident of the southwestern Liv area told the AFP news agency that he saw ash clouds rising from behind residential buildings.

“The Russians continue to savagely attack Ukrainian cities from the air,” wrote Podolyak. City Mayor Andrei Satovy told the Ambassador Service Telegram that rescue workers were on their way to the scene. No information yet on damage and potential damage.

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Lviv, located far from the front line in western Ukraine, has rarely been bombed since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. On March 26, the city was hit by a series of airstrikes by Russia. Among other things, a gas depot was attacked, injuring five people, according to authorities.

08:15 – Pro-war inquiry

Since February 24, officers have been inside Deutschland According to a media report, more than 140 preliminary investigations have been launched in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In most cases, it is about the use of the “Z” symbol, the Russian military in Ukraine refers to its tanks and vehicles, and, among other things, the editorial network Germany, citing its own research on interior and justice. Federal State Ministries and State Criminal Police Offices.

3:02 am – Municipalities demand strengthening of civil defense due to the war in Ukraine

The Association of Cities and Municipalities calls for a “complete resumption.” Civil Disaster Control and Civil Defense. In addition to the dangers of climate change such as heat and flood, there are now war situations and cyber threats, General Manager Gert Landsberg told the Funky Media Group’s newspapers (Monday editions). It is essential to have a working alarm system, excellent equipment for the fire brigade and equipment such as food, medicine and emergency power generators for clinics.

New concepts for shelters need to be developed, taking into account the potential risks of war. Landsberg called on citizens to make additional arrangements for themselves. The government “can not always be efficient everywhere, even in emergencies,” he said. “That’s why, for example, storing water and food for 14 days is the order of the day.”

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01:00 – Aviation Industry – Do not expect major breakdowns in the oil barrier

Unload German aviation industry According to its own estimates it can overcome the energy embargo against Russia. “We will see restrictions and higher prices. However, most of the oil used by industry has already arrived in the North Sea ports.

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Kombo Ukraine News neu

So the embargo should not lead to big losses, ”BDL trade union leader Peter Gerber told Funke Mediengruppe. He also says he expects air ticket prices to rise. “Kerosene costs are rising, but so are infrastructure costs as air traffic control services, for example, pass higher costs.”

00:00 – Newspaper – 1100 doctors want to help in Ukraine and neighboring countries

According to a media report, about 1,100 doctors from Germany attended German Medical Association Registered to treat the sick and wounded in war in Ukraine or neighboring countries. Medical head Klaus Reinhardt told Germany’s editorial network that the response to the related call was very impressive.

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The German Medical Association is currently in talks with the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Health and embassies in Ukraine and neighboring countries on how to employ physicians as prudently as possible.

10:43 pm – Zelenskyy on Reconstruction

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky tweeted that he had spoken with the leader International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgiewa, spoke about her country’s financial stability and post-war restructuring. There are clear plans. He firmly believes that cooperation between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund will continue to bear fruit.

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