I'm a makeup artist, these are the mistakes that add 10 years to your face

By Karina Stathis for Daily Mail Australia

23:32 24 March 2024, updated 23:34 24 March 2024

A makeup expert revealed three habits that can make you look older instantly.

English make-up artist Wayne Goss, who has four million followers on YouTube, said using mineral eyeshadow, not using primer and using the “wrong” type of concealer can add “years” to your face.

“Most of us will use makeup to help improve our appearance, or even to help cover up some of the wrinkles we've acquired over the years,” he said.

“However, due to some mistakes, the makeup we wear can actually have the opposite effect, potentially adding not just a year or two, but up to ten years to our face.”

English make-up artist Wayne Goss (pictured) shared three common mistakes that can add 'years' to your face

1. Avoid metallic eye shadow

It may come as a shock to some that metallic eyeshadows can enhance the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so a matte shade is a better option.

“Avoid metallic eyeshadow and instead opt for a matte eyeshadow. A matte color generally works better because it doesn’t draw attention to creased or creased areas,” Mr. Goss said.

“It's also easier to apply powder over creams, especially since it's easier to blend with a good quality brush.”

Mr. Goss also advises never blending eyeshadow with your finger and only using good quality makeup brushes for the best results.

2. Type of concealer

Using the wrong shade of concealer for your complexion is another mistake Mr. Goose sees often, which can have the opposite effect and highlight wrinkles around the eyes.

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“In general, people may go too light around the eyes with their concealer, which can add years to your face, so it's really important to get a color that suits your skin tone,” he said.

It's always recommended to use cream concealer rather than liquid, and Mr. Goss suggests applying the product to the inner corner of the eye because it's “the only part of the eye that doesn't crease.”

Mr Goss said using mineral eyeshadow, not using primer and using the 'wrong' type of concealer can highlight fine lines and wrinkles on your face (stock image)

3. Always moisturize your skin and use a primer

Many people forget to moisturize their skin before applying makeup, which causes the face to dry out faster throughout the day or night. This can increase the likelihood of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mr. Goss suggested looking into the ingredients of a moisturizer or primer and always preparing the face before applying any makeup.

“As we age, our skin will naturally become drier, which is why moisturizing ingredients are so important as you age,” he said.

“Look for cosmetics that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid when you're on your next makeup and skincare shopping trip to ensure your products keep your skin hydrated.”

A “heavy” amount of moisturizer should be applied to ensure that the skin stays hydrated.

'Use a good primer before you start applying your make-up to ensure it will act as a barrier between your skin and your make-up to help the make-up stay in the right places all day, not just in the exact spots. Mr. Goss added.

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