Apple could finally introduce Android's home screen feature on iOS 18

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

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  • Apple will reportedly take inspiration from Android to customize the home screen on iOS 18.
  • It appears that the company may allow users to create empty spaces and rows between app icons.
  • Android has offered this option since its inception in 2008.

Android and iOS have been trading features with each other for a while now, and it looks like Apple could get a feature from Android phones for the company's iOS 18 update.

MacRumors Apple will reportedly allow iPhone users to arrange app icons more freely on their home screens, citing its own sources. More specifically, the outlet expects Apple to allow users to create “empty spaces, rows, and columns” between app icons.

This feature appears identical to the way Android has handled home screens since the first Android phone in 2008. Google's platform allows users to freely arrange app icons on a grid and leave spaces empty as they please. In contrast, iOS currently does not allow users to create empty areas on the home screen, as app icons automatically fill these areas.

the MacRumors Sources indicate that iOS 18 will bring more home screen customization options. So, people hoping for more substantial upgrades to the iOS home screen experience should keep an eye on this update.

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