After getting blacklisted on US trade and a huge cut off from Google services in 2019, Huawei (Chinese tech giant) is offering a huge sum of $26 million to lure its developers to build its own app ecosystem. This initiative is taken by Huawei to replace all of its lost services like google play store. After the ban from the US, most of the apps are missing in their app gallery that included apps like Snapchat, Amazon, TikTok, Fortnite, and so on. By providing adequate funding, their aim is to entice its app developers for creating an entirely new app ecosystem.

It all started when US president ‘Trump’ placed Huawei on trade blacklist and entitled the US firms to ask for government permission right before starting any business with them. What’s more shocking, Google also announced that it will tug the license version of android system from all of the future devices of Huawei.

Interestingly, due to the familiarity of their phones in many western countries, Android users were given access to popular apps and services such as Gmail, Google Play, and Google Maps.

Android users having old Huawei devices still get access to Google Play while new Huawei phones have to mourn for not having Google apps and services. The very first Huawei under its flagship ‘Mate 30’ launched on September 30, entails no Google-made apps. The upcoming phone ‘Huawei P40’ that is to be released in March 2020, will also lack Google apps and services.

To exterminate this inconvenience of Android users, they have decided to build its own app operating system. For its promising solution, they touted an offer of $26 million to Irish and British developers to create their App Gallery that will comprise its own apps. At developer day, executives of Huawei touted its app gallery and mentioned that only 15% of its revenue was taken from its app developers instead of 30% tax imposed by Google and Apple.