Italy defends itself against mass tourism with new rules

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Italy declares war on mass tourism To curb the rush of holidaymakers, the “Cinque Terre” has come up with a new rule.

Monterosso – Every year millions of vacationers are drawn to the Italian coast. That's why Italy has been cracking down on mass tourism for years. A day trip to Venice now costs five euros. Tourists don't stop at the “Cinque Terre” either. Accordingly, the region is issuing a new regulation for travelers.

Italy is again cracking down on mass tourism

“Cinque Terre” is made up of five picturesque, dreamy villages on the Ligurian Riviera. Monterosso is a large town with lemon groves and the only sandy beach. But due to the annual influx of travelers, the quality of life of the approximately 9,000 residents of the “Cinque Terre” is affected. how News from Südtirol About 2.5 million people occupied small villages last year.

Vernazza is the destination of the second stage of the famous “Sentiero Verde Azzurro” hiking trail. Here is a new one-way control. © xrenka1x/Imago

The region resists mass tourism, so it takes few measures to cope with the rush of holidaymakers. This means, among other things, that train tickets are more expensive in high season. In summer, commuters pay twice as much as before for inter-village train journeys. On the other hand, residents should benefit from discounts.

New restrictions for travelers to Italy in the “Cinque Terre”.

Hiking trails also require entrance fees. And the National Park is also taking countermeasures. A one-way system has now been introduced to a section of the most popular hiking trails. This applies to the “Sentiero Verde Azzurro”, also known as the green-blue route, from April 25th to May 1st from 9am to 2pm. This rule was issued for safety reasons and to improve the use of the track stable.

What does that mean for vacationers in Italy? The restriction affects the second of four stages of the route from Monterosso to Vernazza. Loud Covering a distance of 3.7 km, this stage can be completed in less than two hours.

Rule for travelers to the “Cinque Terre”: The entrance to the hiking trail must be checked

Access to the hiking trail at the entrance to Monterosso should be restricted. Among other things, it is checked that visitors are wearing appropriate footwear. Because: Some parts of the trail are narrow and steep. To avoid overloading the “Sentiero Verde Azzurro”, hikers should also be redirected to alternative routes.

Cheap air travel and high concentration of hotel complexes is one reason for mass tourism. As a result, the people of the Canary Islands are tired of the influx of tourists. Meanwhile Amsterdam bans new hotels And take action against bar crawlers. (mg/gas)

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