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Ukraine war: Putin’s troops bomb houses in Borodjanga


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There are pictures of complete destruction: the forces of the Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) Ukrainian The settler Borodyanka destroyed many houses. There are buildings about 50 kilometers from the capital Kiev.

The extent of the destruction makes it clear that the houses may have been hit by heavy artillery or ballistic missiles.

Former Ukrainian ambassador to Austria Oleksandr Sherpa, 51, wrote on Twitter: “Borodjanga near Kiev has been practically destroyed.”

Another apartment in Borodianka was destroyedPhoto: nexta_tv / Twitter

One thing is clear: Russian soldiers are advancing further towards the capital. Over the past few days, satellite images have shown 64 kilometers of military vehicles: tanks, howitzers, missiles, trucks.

Explosions in Kiev

In the evening, BILD correspondent Paul Ronsheimer from Kiev reported that the explosions had taken place in the capital – near the city center. The sirens sounded several times.

Ukrainian officials found one of the bombs between the southern railway station and the Ibis Hotel near the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, 44, announced Wednesday evening that it was a rocket attack.

According to preliminary information, the heating wire near the station was struck. Apartments may have been cut off from the heat supply as a result of the attack.

Südbahnhof is one of two stations that make up the main passenger transport complex, which thousands of people used last week to escape the war.

Since Monday, Putin’s military has been trying to set up a siege ring around the capital, a city of more than a million people. With dangerous consequences: The supply of food and medicine is low.

But Kiev is not surrounded yet!

Carde / Map: Putin's mega-convoy entangled - infographic

A senior Western intelligence official told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “The Russians believe that if Kyiv is captured, Ukraine’s security will collapse.”

Due to strong Ukrainian opposition, he added: “It may be a miscalculation.”

Map: War in Ukraine (Day 6) - Infographic

Accordingly, Russia is preparing for a full-scale offensive in the capital, which will reach a new level of violence and destruction.

However, the secret service official said troops could not be expected to advance quickly to the center of Kiev. This is very dangerous for the tanks there.

Instead, he initially anticipates massive attacks on Ukrainian security positions on the outskirts of the city – with bombs dropped from planes, rockets and heavy artillery.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, 50, said in a BILD interview on Wednesday: “We defend our city at all costs.” The attack “could happen at any moment”.

“There is no other way but to defend yourself. In the end, it’s our home. Where the parents are buried, where the children go to school. Unfortunately, civilians have already been killed,” said boxing legend Vladimir Klitschko.

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