Harry *loves* how his and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries turned out, in case you were wondering

Harry loves how his Netflix docuseries turned outChris Jackson – Getty Images

In case anyone was wondering, Prince Harry He has “absolutely no regrets” about his home and Meghan Markle Documentary series on Netflix Harry and Megan.

The negative response to the series was very predictable. Royal commentators who think Harry and Meghan are The Absolute Worstâ„¢ For them to leave their position as members of the royal family and then have the audacity to speak openly about why they made that decision is just disgusting. Sources for the royal family indicate that they are very unhappy with the series (although they are… He is not expected to score that).

The point is, neither backlash to Harry and Megan Absolutely surprising. Less predictable was how Harry might feel about the series, particularly given the flurry of reports following the Queen’s death this autumn that he “Desperate” to make changes to the show and to him upcoming notes, additional.

Now, a source described as “close to the prince” has influenced how he feels about the final product (or at least the first three episodes of it), and he seems to feel amazing about it.

said the source woman that Harry was “delighted” with the first batch of Harry and Megan of the episodes and that he “has no regrets whatsoever” about the project.

Harry is delighted with the documentary’s narration of how he and Meghan came to be. Mirror said the source. “The reason he’s doing it is to share the truth about their lives. He feels it’s telling the story he wanted the world to hear and he has absolutely no regrets.”

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said the source, who is also described as a “close friend of his late mother, Princess Diana.” Harry’s decision to make the offer It was his way of following in his mother’s footsteps and speaking his truth though the members The royal family is often discouraged than to do so.

“One of Diana’s reasons for speaking out was to help senior members of the royal family understand the impact on others trapped in the company,” the source explained. “She and Harry were brave enough to fight back.”

While reports indicated that some members of the royal family were among them Prince William and Kate Middleton make a point not to watch them Harry and Megan Not at all Mirror The source says this is pretty much the opposite of what the Sussexes would like.

“Harry and Meghan are hoping that family members and courtiers will see or, more importantly, hear their comments. But they don’t know that whatever they are talking about will be publicly spoken about,” the source said. “They hope it will lead to a greater understanding by the King and Cambridge of how Harry and Meghan feel about their experience in England.”

The source also confirmed that Harry remains optimistic about his fix The infamous “Royal Rift”. with some of his closest relatives.

“Harry keeps hoping for a reconciliation,” the source added. “He loves his father and brother, no matter what people think.”

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