'Road House' fights with Jack Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor are said to have gotten out of hand

While filming their new movie Road House. Jake Gyllenhaal He reveals some behind-the-scenes moments between him and his star UFC fighter Conor McGregor Got a little out of control.

In order to prepare for the film, Gyllenhaal underwent some custom training so he could take on the role of Elwood Dalton, a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer. He worked alongside McGregor, who was making his film debut in this film.

Gyllenhaal says McGregor helped him learn how to throw jabs and jabs to help make the fight scenes more realistic, but things took a turn when the UFC fighter punched Gyllenhaal in the face, and when the actor gave McGregor a black eye.

Jake Gyllenhaal reveals what happened behind the scenes during the filming of Road House

Conor McGregor


“Road House” tells the story of “former UFC fighter Elwood Dalton who takes a job as a caretaker at a Florida Keys home, only to discover that this paradise is not what it seems,” according to the official. a description. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Elwood Dalton), Conor McGregor (Knox), Daniela Melchore (Ellie), Billy Magnussen (Ben Brandt), Jessica Williams (Frankie), and BK Cannon (Laura).

To prepare for the film, Gyllenhaal said director Doug Liman “wanted to shoot a lot of this footage in long takes, meaning 8 to 10 sets at a time.” decision maker From the filming process and the fight scenes. “We did this four-pass process, which is a new way of shooting fight sequences, which requires a Hollywood pass; then a pass with pads like hitting a pillow and then getting hit with pads, you get the effect from both sides; and then the slow-motion version.”

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Adding, “So every one of those shots had to make those passes. We had to throw the ball that worked, and then make the passes. So we go back to the screen, and we look.”

Conor McGregor hits Jake Gyllenhaal in the face

Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that Conor McGregor Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that Conor McGregor


Representative “Ambulance”. He revealed that McGregor helped the actor learn how to throw punches and “give”. [him] directions.”

“[He would say,] “Oh, that punch didn't really work that way.” Maybe throw your arm forward a little more. You have to get into it more, you have to really turn your body on the next set.”

“He would give me all this direction,” the 43-year-old actor said of McGregor.

But things got out of hand sometimes, as Gyllenhaal revealed UFC fighter Accidentally hit him in the face. “At one point, [Conor’s] He talked to me through the screen, and we filmed a lot of these fights at night. He remembers that it must be late, we are all talking, we are all delirious.

He then put on his Irish accent to imitate McGregor, telling the outlet that the UFC fighter said: “Okay, so when you throw that left, make sure you come at me hard with that right!”

“He accidentally hit me in the face!” “All this time, filming all these takes where we weren't hitting each other at all,” Gyllenhaal recalls, “He was like, 'Oh, I'm so sorry!'

Jake Gyllenhaal gave Conor McGregor a black eye

Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that Conor McGregor Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that Conor McGregor


The actor recalls another time when the fight scenes got a little out of control. In one scene, Gyllenhaal had to “knock him against the door over and over again, but it was all about the measurement — the inches.”

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He continued, explaining, “Sometimes [McGregor would] He moved his face,” which resulted in Gyllenhaal being hit in the eye, in fact, on the side of his eye.

“He got a black eye because of it, but overall, given the amount of fighting we did in this movie, I'm surprised we didn't connect more often,” the actor recalls.

Adding: “The irony is that you're working with a professional fighter, and their distance measurement is completely different from someone who's not a professional. He's helpful, because he knows the millimeter difference in how to make it look real and not real.” [actually hit you.]”

Conor McGregor praises Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that Conor McGregor Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that Conor McGregor


Conor McGregor, who made his acting debut in Road House, recently spoke about what it was like working with The Covenant actor and how the two prepared for the fight scenes.

“There were real shots and it was hard, stressful work and a lot of fun,” the UFC fighter said. additional, “Jake's got the jab. He knows how to throw with the back hand, the main hook, he's got uppercuts.”

He added that Gyllenhaal is a “consummate professional.”

“Road House” is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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