France fears after two-year-old boy goes missing

Where’s Little Emily… The search for a two-and-a-half-year-old boy who went missing in a mountain village has sparked public interest in France.

“Le Figaro” newspaper reported on Monday that the boy was on holiday with his grandparents in Le Vernet in southern France when they went missing on Saturday evening.

The boy was sought after with a fever.

Two witnesses saw the boy running down the street, but didn’t think he was in danger in the town of 125 people. A search operation by police and firefighters using helicopters and drones not only joined residents, but also enlisted more than 100 volunteers.

In a radius of five kilometers, sniffer dogs were also used and he is already doing well. The mayor of the town does not want to believe that the child has been kidnapped. In the small community, strangers immediately hit the spot, he told the media.

He could imagine that the child was lost or hiding somewhere in the mountainous environment 1200 meters away. (dpa)

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