Eurocorps: Poland recalls Eurocorps commander immediately

Poland Eurocorps commander Jaroslav Gromadzinski has been recalled due to counter-intelligence investigations. As stated therein Ministry of Defence A “control investigation” was launched in Warsaw “according to new information about the officer.” The general is being investigated for access to classified information. He must return to Poland immediately.

No further details were available on the subject of the investigation. Portal Gromadzinski said there was nothing to accuse him of, but declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

GromadziƄski took over the leadership of Eurocorps in June last year. He is also a Lieutenant General in the Polish Armed Forces. Poland announced immediate filling of Eurocorps post.

Poland is in Eurocorps from 2022

Eurocorps was established in 1992 at the initiative of Germany and France. It is the fastest deployment force available to NATO and the EU. The main task is the management and coordination of large international military operations. Eurocorps could command 60,000 soldiers; The headquarters in Strasbourg has a staff of around a thousand employees with support units.

Troops come from many European countries. “Constituent countries” are Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and, from 2022, Poland. Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Austria are called associated countries.

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