It is known fact that Apple is currently working on a device that could track glucose even if it is years away. But now, it looks like the competition between Apple and Fitbit is going to get fierce as Fitbit is slowly catching up in the race.

As per a report by CNBC, Fitbit has invested a sum of over $6 million in a company called Sano which is working to develop a coin-sized patch that will monitor blood sugar level and help the diabetics manage their condition. This is the Fitbit’s first investment in another company. Fitbit CEO James Park said that Sano fits into its strategy of looking beyond the device and develop a product that provides complete health solutions.

He said that according to him, having few monitoring solutions along with a display, and a wearable will help to provide a complete solution.

Fitbit is not the only company who has an interest to bring a built-in blood sugar monitor in the market. As said above, Apple is also working on a similar product. But while Sano’s product makes use of tiny needles to take the measurements, Apple reportedly has been chasing a device which it has not yet attained. This is an advantage for Fitbit to work on a device that sports a non-invasive, continuously monitoring feature. Besides this, it could also help the company to face its competitors by move past them in the wearable’s field.

Notably, even though Fitbit dominated in the market previously, the company lost quite a bit of its market share last year to competitors like Apple and Xiaomi, who took turns to lead in the market last year.

So if you are wondering when Fitbit would launch such a product in the market, you will have to wait just over a year. Such a device will be intended for people with either Type 1 or Type 2 sugar. But the people who do not have diabetes and still want to monitor their sugar level intake may also be able to use the device.