Facebook is in deep trouble for the violation of the user’s private data sharing policy. To rectify this violation and to prevent other apps from doing the same in near future Facebook is making a series of changes to protect the private information of the users. The more changes are expected in the coming months.

Facebook event API ask people permission to get the information about the events that they host or attend. It can also be added to the calendar, ticketing or other apps but they have information about the people’s attendance and posts. To ensure the app accesses the information properly, API will not be allowed to access the guest list or posts on the event wall. The apps which will agree to strict requirements will be allowed for the events API.

Presently, apps ask for the permission of the group admin or member before accessing the group posts or data of a closed group. This helps the group admins to post things and can respond to the content in the group easily. In order to protect the information about the people and conversations done in the group chat, all third-party apps which use Groups API will need the approval of Facebook and admin. The apps can no longer able to see the group list and Facebook is removing all the personal information like name, profile photos, comments from the apps that can access.

You can use any app for Pages API to read the posts or comments from any page. This helps the developers to create tools for the page owners which will help them to schedule or reply to the posts, messages or comments. Facebook now trying to make Page information only available to apps which gives useful services to our community. This means from now on all the future access to the Pages API will need Facebook approval.

Facebook will give permission for all apps which request users information like check-ins, likes, photos, posts, videos, events, and groups. Facebook added by saying that these apps will no longer allow asking users about their political views, relationship status, custom friend list, education and much more activity.

Until today we can search other people by entering their email address or phone number into Facebook search. This feature helps the user in a great way as it is easy to search a friend by their phone number or email rather than searching by typing the name but this also led to some misuse of data. Now Facebook is disabling this feature and also making some change to account recovery.

People who are using call and text feature in Messenger or Facebook Lite can surface the people who on the top of your list with whom you are frequently in contact. This feature is now updated which allow the user to upload the information required for this feature not the duration of calls.

Facebook has shut down Partner Categories which is a product that allows third-party data providers to offer their target on Facebook. Facebook said that from April 9th, 2018, they will show users about the apps that they use on top of the news feed and they can see the information that they shared with them and can also remove them.