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Experts disagree: Johnson made a positive Brexit decision


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Experts disagree
Johnson made a positive Brexit decision

Twelve months after the UK left the EU, Prime Minister Johnson made a positive decision. At Brexit’s anniversary, he particularly praised his country’s newly redesigned immigration policy. However, experts are far less optimistic about the kingdom’s exit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated the anniversary of the Brexit agreement with the European Union as a victory for his country and his government. “Our mission is to promote the benefits of Brexit so that we can succeed as a modern, vibrant and independent nation,” Johnson said in a statement on Friday evening.

Great Britain left the EU at the end of January 2020 and left the EU Customs Union and the domestic market on January 1, 2021. Many British experts and politicians believe the move has so far harmed the UK.

Instead of moving freely with unrestricted immigration, there is a migration system that attracts bright minds, Johnson said. Ambitious trade agreements have been made with many countries. “We have ensured a rapid vaccination campaign across Europe by avoiding complicated EU processes,” Johnson said. After all, Great Britain abolished the EU’s “most complex” wine and beer taxes and reintroduced traditions such as the Crown stamp as the standard for pint glasses. “We are removing the rules and bureaucracy of the EU and bringing back general knowledge in our set of rules.”

Johnson stressed that the work was not yet complete. “In the new year, my administration will move even faster to fulfill the Brexit Pledge and use the tremendous potential that our new freedoms will bring,” Johnson said. Critics, on the other hand, accuse the conservative government of relying only on symbolic gestures.

Due to strict entry rules, many industries complain about the shortage of skilled workers. However, so far there have been no applications for the visa program for science award recipients from around the world. Newly signed only one business agreement. According to experts, the agreement with Australia weakens British farmers.

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